Hot Quarterbacks: College and Pro Football (NFL) Edition

Hot Quarterbacks in the NFL (and College Sports). It’s that time of the year when we give you our Hottest List and, this time, let’s focus on the most gorgeous, the prettiest, the most shaggable, and the totally hot hot hottest quarterbacks. Initially, we thought of just giving you a hot quarterbacks list consisting of those currently playing on the National Football League (NFL) but Deena convinced us to also include college or university quarterbacks.

So let’s begin our list with:

Andy Dalton (QB for the Cincinnati Bengals). Andy is the second hottest redhead in the whole wide world. And who’s the hottest you ask? Why, Prince Harry of course.

hot quarterbacks - nfl - Andy Dalton shirtless

Josh Rosen (QB for UCLA). A list of hot college quarterbacks that does not include Josh Rosen would be silly because he made the headlines these past months for having a hot tub in his dorm. There’s nothing hotter than this, no?

hot quarterbacks - Josh Rosen - ucla

Unfortunately, the party-pooping UCLA administration had the hot tub removed for “violating the school’s residential policies”.

Tom Brady(QB for the New England Patriots). He may be losing his hair (ewww) — see Tom Brady Hair Transplant — and he may be a “Donald Trump lover” (double ewww) but we cannot deny that Tom Brady embodies hotness on and off the football field.

hot quarterbacks - tom brady - new englant patriots

Deshaun Watson (QB for the Clemson University Fighting Tigers). The ultimate proof that a college football quarterback is hot, hot, hot is making it on the cover of Sports Illustrated which Deshaun manages to do in a recent issue of the magazine.

hot quarterbacks - deshaun watson - clemson qb

Cam Newton (QB for the Carolina Panthers). When perfume companies go a-knocking your way to get you as their image model, you know you are up there in the hotness department.


Connor Cook (quarterback for the Michigan State Spartans). Who doesn’t love a shirtless quarterback with a rose in his mouth? Famewatchers, we present to you the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm awardee Connor Cook. Damn, that rose photo makes us tingle because, in our minds, we think he’s planning to hand the rose to us. Hehe.

hot college quarterbacks - connor cook shirtless - michigan state2

Johnny Manziel (QB for the Cleveland Browns). He is being criticized for his party going ways but an NFL quarterback who inspires thousands of memes like Johnny Football does is fine by us. We just hope he’s gotten rid of his demons though (whatever these are).

hot nfl quarterbacks - johnny manziel - cleveland browns2

Taysom Hill (QB for the BYU Cougars). Okay, Famewatchers, let’s end this post with Taysom Hill of Brigham Young University. He’s cute, blonde, and hunky but don’t get your hopes up because the guy is already very much married.

shirtless taysom hill - hot byu quarterback

So, which of these 8 hunky hot quarterbacks is your favorite? Deena has a soft spot for Johnny Manziel so he remains her top pick? Ours would be redhead hunk Andy Dalton. What about you?