Hot Priests Calendar Models: Hunky Christian Orthodox Priests

Hot Priests Calendar Models: Hunky Christian Orthodox Priests. Once again, let’s have a “better late than never” post and this time, let’s talk about these hot and sexy Orthodox priest/models. We should have blogged about this last year since these priests are modeling for a 2013 calendar but appreciation for hot and hunky men of the cloth is timeless so we know you’ll still appreciate this post even if we’re not that timely.

hot priests calendar orthodox

For the record, we are gonna say outright that we do not know whether these hot priests are really Orthodox priests or whether they’re just male models posing as priests. If they are the real deal, we won’t be surprised if some of you decide to convert to Orthodoxism (is there such a word as this?). We would too but the Orthodox Church is not active where we live so we have to go to Europe to convert and that’s too much hassle for us. We’d rather admire these priestly hunks from afar via the internets. Hehe.

Or join them in admiring the male physique as this priest, Father April, appears to be doing.

hot priests calendar sexy hot orthodox priests

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Are these guys twins? We won’t be surprised if they are as they look so much alike. Wouldn’t it be cool if you have a twin to help you in your sartorial needs?

orthodox priests male calendar 2013

Father August must be ministering a high end church that has got a swimming pool and the obligatory “lemme clean the pool in my skimpy briefs-style swimsuit” pool boy.

hot priests calendar orthodox priests sexy mens calendar

For his part, Father December, appears to be assigned in a rough neighborhood. Good thing he’s willing to tough it out (with muscled guys in athletic shirts ready to back him up).

hot priests calendar muscled orthodox priests

Father January is obviously focused on ministering to families. Is he the luckiest Orthodox priest among these group? Maybe him or Father August, eh?

hot priests calendar shirtless christian orthodox priests

Our next hot priests calendar model is Father September. He must be a school chaplain, no? Or maybe he is a seminary professor?

hot priests calendar hunks - 9-September-Orthodox-Calendar-2013

And what about Father March? Why exactly is he doing a pull-up like that?

We’d like to think that he is ministering to the needs of athletes. He teaches them how to bend and pray. You know, he takes care of their spiritual needs. In turn, his charges teach him how to take care of his body. It’s a win-win for both sides.

hot priests calendar orthodox priests working out

So do you have a favorite model in our hot priests calendar collection? Ours would be the priest with a twin or lookalike because don’t they say that two is better than one?

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