John Corbett Underwear & Shirtless Photos – Roy Quaid on NCIS Red

John Corbett Underwear and Shirtless Photos – Roy Quaid on NCIS Red. Guess who will soon be returning on your television? It’s John Corbett. You may remember him as Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City. Who wishes they are that lollipop? Oops, that’s actually a toothbrush. Haha.

john corbett - aidan shaw - shirtless on sex and the city

Or, to use a more recent role he played, as Max Gregson on the United States of Tara.

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Yousseph Chico Slimani Shirtless: Dancing on Ice Hunk

Yousseph Chico Slimani Shirtless: Dancing on Ice Hunk. Would you be as fit as Yousseph “Chico” Slimani when you are in your forties? The X-Factor alumni, who is turning 42 this coming April, is looking as hunky and as sexy as when he first appeared on X Factor seven years ago.

He proved that he can dance on the reality TV show, Dancing On Ice, making it all the way to third place.

yousseph chico slimani shirtless moroccan hunk

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James Purefoy Shirtless Photos and Gay Roles

James Purefoy Shirtless Photos and Gay Roles. Who’s that guy Kevin Bacon is kissing in the pic above? That guy, dear Famewatcher is British actor James Purefoy. You might know him as the hot dude who played Mark Anthony in the historical drama, Rome. If you Fox TV shows other than American Idol, you might know also him as the guy who plays Dr. Joe Carroll in The Following, a crime drama series which stars Kevin Bacon as the lead character Ryan Hardy.

james purefoy kevin bacon kiss - the following

So Kevin and James co-star in a new TV series, now why are they kissing in public?

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Patrick Warburton Shirtless American Daddy

Patrick Warburton Shirtless American Daddy. It’s time for another post featuring a hot guy in his 40s and this time, let us focus on American daddy Patrick Warburton. Nope, he is not a professional boxer despite the impressive bulging biceps he is sporting in the pic above. Patrick, for those of you not familiar with him, is an actor. You might have seen him in the 1990s sitcom, Seinfeld, where he was a recurring character.

Presently, he’s one of the main characters in the TV series, Rules of Engagement. Here’s a screencap of Patrick from an episode of Rules. Want more Hot Men in Their 40s?

patrick warburton underwear - red briefs - rules of engagement - big file

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Martin Freeman Shirtless: Gay or Straight?

Martin Freeman Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight?. Martin Freeman is a very lucky guy! Why? Because he is about to hit the big time with his lead role as Bilbo Baggins in the much awaited movie adaptations of JRR Tolkien’s sequel to The Lord of the Rings. They’re doing three movies out of the book so expect Martin to be in the Hollywood celebrity radar for the next 5-7 years.

martin freeman hobbit

If he is a stock, everyone should be buying shares of this British actor who’s about to become a household name (a-la Daniel Radcliffe, Elijah Wood, and Robert Pattinson) at the ripe old age of 41. Yay for men in their forties!

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Bruce Willis Fashion Style: Cool Hot Daddy of the Day

Bruce Willis Fashion Style: Cool Hot Daddy. Aww, look at that photo of Hollywood A-Lister Bruce Willis pushing his 5-month-old baby’s pram. A guy who is hands-on in the care of his baby is the very definition of a hot daddy to us here at Famewatcher. The only thing that can beat a photo like this in the realm of “daddy hotness” is one where a dad smiles through the job of feeding a playful baby who doesn’t like to eat.

bruce willis fashion style

Anyhoo, what do you think of Bruce Willis’ get-up? Pretty cool, no? Khaki pants, Nike rubber shoes, light grey shirt, and US Open cap — there’s nothing to unlike in his ensemble. We love his body-hugging shirt the most. One thing though that could have made the above images hotter is if he removed his hat so we will have a glimpse of his bald sexiness. Hehe.

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