Jimmy Garoppolo Girlfriend? Shirtless NFL Quarterback

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Jimmy Garoppolo Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. So how’s Jimmy G doing these days? Well, he’s got himself two Superbowl rings (with the New England Patriots) and, since 2017, is the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. According to wiki, he helped guide the team to win the 2019 NFC Championship as well as to the Superbowl where they bowed to the Kansas City Chiefs. From this career height, he’s been bedeviled by injuries so his light has dimmed a bit.

Shirtless NFL Players: Who’s the Hottest of Them All?

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Shirtless NFL Players Update. We’ve already written about our imaginary football boyfriend Christian McCaffrey but we decided to include his GQ Magazine photo in this post of hot NFL football stars. For those of you not familiar with out imaginary beau, Christian is a running back for the Carolina Panthers. He joined the team in 2017 and, in the span of just three years, he has established his mark on the team and on the NFL. To date, he has made franchise and NFL records such as being the first player in NFL history to record over 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in the first 10 games of a season, or being the first rookie running back in NFL history with 70 receptions and five receiving touchdowns, or having the most receptions by a running back in first 3 seasons with 303 receptions. There’s just too many to mention.

Drew Brees Shirtless, Hair Transplant, Awards

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Drew Brees Hair Transplant, Awards, and More Shirtless Photos. Huh, did you know that Drew retired from the NFL early this year? Apparently, he did! However, he will still be in the public eye because, immediately after he hang his football shoes, he signed on with NBC Sports as a studio analyst. Good for him. If that ain’t a cool gig, we don’t know what is! However, an on-camera gig which involves closeups comes with closer scrutiny which is what some busybodies — admittedly, this includes us here at Famewatcher — are doing about the football great’s new look. Specifically, people are asking whether he had a hair transplant of some sort. Or maybe he is using hair plugs? Or maybe he reclaimed his receding hair line with the help of minoxidil?

Carl Nassib Shirtless, Boyfriend, Ethnicity

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Carl Nassib Shirtless, Boyfriend, Ethnicity. We should have posted months ago but it’s better late than never, no? Famewatchers, say hi to Carl Nassib, our latest addition to our list of NFL LGBT athletes. The defensive end, who currently plays for the San Francisco Raiders, came out last June on Instagram.

Jarvis Landry Shirtless Nike Underwear Model

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Jarvis Landry Shirtless Nike Underwear Model. Aside from British football star Marcus Rashford, another footballer — but this time of the American variety — who recently posed for a print advert for Nike men’s underwear is Jarvis Landry. The athlete-turned-male model is a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL).

Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns: Shirtless Quarterbacks

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Brady Quinn Shirtless Quarterbacks Update. Do you know that our first ever quarterback crush is now a sports commentator/analyst? We’ve not been paying attention to football stories so we were kinda surprised to find out that he’s now retired. Apparently, he played his last game sometime in 2014 and called it a day the following year. When we first blogged about him back in 2009, he was playing with the Cleveland Browns. He then went on to play with other NFL teams such as Denver Broncos (2010–2011), Kansas City Chiefs (2012), Seattle Seahawks (2013), New York Jets (2013), St. Louis Rams (2013), and the Miami Dolphins (2014).