Hot Mens Underwear: From Bikini, Jocks, Long Johns to Onesies

Hot Mens Underwear. Famewatchers, let’s check out your favorite celebrities’ and male models underwear — from the skimpiest bikini style and jockstrap undies to full-cover onesies. So check out these hot mens underwear and tell us which of them is your favorite in the comments.

Bikini Briefs on Jean Claude Van Damme. Oldster Famewatchers, don’t you just miss the days when big stars like Van Damme will just wear the skimpiest briefs? Now, top celebrities have gone conservative when it comes to their undies.

Jockstrap Underwear on Blue Mountain State football jocks. This image is from the short-lived but much-appreciated TV show Blue Mountain State which starred the totally gorgeous Alan Ritchson.

Skimpy White Briefs by Emporio Armani on Charlie King. This How to Get Away With Murder star looks good with his facial hair and all but his actually hotter (in our eyes anyways) when he is clean-shaven.

Classic Briefs Underwear by Calvin Klein on Alexander Ludwig. Hey Alex, smoking is bad for your health but its okay if you’re just using that cig as a prop. You’re super hot, though!

hot mens underwear alexander ludwig calvin klein briefs

Squarecut Underwear by Funky Trunks (an Australian brand). If you want to be colorful down there, you might want to check out Funky Trunks.

hot mens underwear squarecut funky trunks

Boxer Briefs on male model Cheng Qian. He’s wearing a hot mens underwear which is also worth checking out. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of the brand he’s wearing.

Boxer Briefs by Rated M on Mario Lopez (who owns Rated M). Question for you Famewatchers: Is Mario’s underwear label Rated M still being manufactured and sold? Or was it a one-time thing?

mario lopez underwear brand - rated m boxer briefs

Boxers Underwear on James Magnussen. Aussie swimming hunk and Olympic silver medalist James Magnussen proves that boxers underwear are still sexy to wear.

james-magnussen underwear - boxers

Halfsie Winter Underwear on hunky male model. We’re not really a fan of halfsies like this one but we know some of you like the style.

hot mens underwear - halfsie

Long Johns Underwear by Rufskin. Does this male model have the coolest washboard abs or what?

mens long johns underwear 2015 - rufskin tanner underwear

Onesie Underwear on Brett Hollands. Last but not the least in our list of hot mens underwear is this onesie on male model Brett Hollands. Looks comfie and warm, no?

hot mens underwear onesie - brett hollands long john thermals

So what style of hot mens underwear do you prefer for yourself or your boyfriend/husband/significant other?

Hot Mens Underwear: From Bikini, Jocks, Long Johns to Onesies. Posted 9 December 2015. Last updated: December 14, 2019 at 5:12 am.