Cool Men’s Hats: Celebrity Edition

cool mens hats bruno mars by pinzano

Cool Men’s Hats: Celebrity Edition. Some of you are looking for men’s designer hats other than the Dior Homme ones we uploaded years ago so we decided to give you what you are looking for by focusing on male celebrities and their fab hats. We begin with Bruno Mars. What do you call that hat he is wearing and what brand is it? That’s a fedora, honey. And it’s made by Pinzano from JJ Hat Center.

Movie Cowboy Hats: Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens

movie cowboy hats - cowboys and aliens starring harrison ford and daniel craig

Movie Cowboy Hats. Whoever decided to cast two badass action stars – Daniel Craig aka James Bond and Harrison Ford aka Indiana Jones – in the movie Cowboys and Aliens deserves a lot of props from us here at Famewatcher. They also deserve props for giving these boys their awesome cowboy hats. Watch out for these two when the movie hits the big screen sometime in July 2011.

David Beckham Beanie Hats and Other Celebrities Wearing Beanie

david beckham beanie hats

David Beckham Beanie Hats and Other Celebrities Wearing Beanie. International football star David Beckham must really, really love him his beanie hat, no? He’s, like, wearing it wherever he goes. It gives him a school boy charm and softens those tattoos that have run amok all over his body.

Celebrities Wearing Stetson Cowboy Hats and Fedoras

celebrities wearing stetson cowboy hats matthew macconnaughey

Celebrities Wearing Stetson Cowboy Hats and Fedora Hats. Looks like Brad Pitt, the celebrity whose love for newsboy caps — see Brad Pitt’s newsboy hat — helped make the iconic hat trendy and fashionable among the today’s generation, also loves him his Stetson Pescara Fur Felt Fedora.