Hot Men in Uniform: Shirtless Soldiers, Cops, Firefighters

Hot Men in Uniform: Shirtless Soldiers, Muscle Cops, Beefy Firefighters. Oh boy, it’s been eleven years since we wrote this post and we are updating it to bring you more hunky men in uniform.

Some of these guys are the real deal, that is, they really are members of uniformed forces — cops, firefighters, soldiers — but some of them are models posing in uniform.

Let’s start with the real ones. Famewatchers, say hi to these New Jersey cops posing for a charity calendar project.

hot men in uniform shirtless cops for new jersey police calendar

Of course, if there are hot cops, hot firefighters will not be far behind. And, in some instances, they’re actually there first.

hot men in uniform shirtless firefighters

A policeman goes shirtless to show us his biceps. Wowza! Want more hot men in uniform?

hot black men in uniform shirtless cop

We think this hunky dude with a set of the most perfect washboard abs we’ve ever seen is a model posing in his camouflage pants rather than a real man in uniform. We also think that this is not as dangerous/adventurous/awesome as it looks — he’s just a foot above the floor or something. But he’s gorgeous, muscly, and hot and that’s all that matters.

hot men in uniform camouflage abs

Want a beefy policeman in uniform? Here’s a hunk from Italy, the country ruled by our favorite politician Silvio Berlusconi. What would you do if you were arrested by this guy? We’d offer to massage his bulging muscles although we really don’t know how to.

italian hot men in uniform

We don’t know where this police trio come from. Can you recognize where they’re from based on their insignia and badges? You don’t? Well, let’s just say they’re from Leatherland because those are the shiniest and sexiest leather jackets we’ve ever seen. This is the perfect pic for those of you with “leather uniform” fetish. Beefy cops in leather, what’s not to like?

hot men in uniform beefy cops in leather jacket

Bicep curls? This is how hot hunks get themselves in shape.

hot men in uniform military muscle workout

Want another shirtless muscle man in camouflage pants?

hot men in uniform shirtless army soldier

What about one with his shirts on but who is just as muscly? He must have been doing the bicep curls as the guy above. This beefcake’s name is supposedly Rocky Winchester. We think he’s a model.

hot men in uniform beefy muscle soldier

Man, this cop has the tightest pants ever. Should we be worried about his squeezed balls? Apart from that, we should also be concerned about him getting the tingling thigh syndrome which is one of the bad effects of tight pants.

hot men in uniform brazilian cop tight pants

Posing shirtless near your police car? Yeah the chief of police will approve of that! In fact, he might give you an on-the-spot promotion.

hot men in uniform shirtless police

The most badass guy in uniform is the one armed with something that explodes.

real military guys in uniform

That’s it uniform lovers! Hope you enjoyed this post.

Hot Men in Uniform: Shirtless Soldiers, Muscle Cops, Beefy Firefighters. Posted 11 March 2009. Last updated: October 5, 2020 at 7:36 am.