Scottish Men Wearing Kilts: 16 Famous Celebrities Dressed to Kilt

scottish men wearing kilts - ewan mcgregor2

Scottish Men Wearing Kilts. Anyways, know what, we think the number of tourists in Scotland will rise to the stratosphere if their tourist bureau will feature a kilt-wearing Ewan McGregor in their advertising campaigns. You agree right? Of course, you should! After all, Scotland isn’t all about Nessie, JK Rowling, castles with ghosts, and guys dressed as Barbie.

Leather Kilt: Bespoke Kilts, Celebrity Fans, and Price Guide

leather kilt 2015 - vin diesel at 2003 mtv europe awards2

Leather Kilt 2015. There’s nothing more delicious to the eyes than a manly man like Vin Diesel twirling in his leather kilt. Men’s kilts are never gonna go out of style. If you are a fan of kilts, you should have a kilt made of leather in your wardrobe. If you ain’t have one, well you should go and get a piece before Kanye West buys all of them for himself. Haha.