Hot Men in Bed: Colin Egglesfield

Hot Men in Bed: Colin Egglesfield. Okay, we already wrote an earlier post about the gorgeousness of Colin Egglesfield but he’s got too many hot photos out there so we decided to write a second post about the guy who we are calling our imaginary beau from this time onward.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know he’s got a beautiful girlfriend and all but that’s why we are calling it “imaginary”.

It’s not like we are going to jump in that bed with him. But then again, if the heavens gave you the opportunity wouldn’t you do it. Haha.

hot men in bed colin egglesfield

Who you looking at Colin? Is your look an invitation?

hot men in bed colin egglesfield shirtless

Oh, he even autographed a photo for a fan. How sweet.

hot men in bed colin egglesfield abs body

Apparently, the actor wrote a book called Agile Artist: Life Lessons From Hollywood and Beyond. Here’s Colin chilling in bed while on a tour to promote his book across the country:

colin egglesfield hot men in bed - agile artist

More about the book from the author himself: “I wrote Agile Artist in hopes of making a difference in the lives of people who are having to contend with the challenges of today’s frenetic and ever-changing world in the pursuit of their aspirations and finding fulfilment. From the runways of Milan and Paris to the small and big screens of Hollywood, I’ve learned some unconventional insight and strategies to deal with the pressures and demands of succeeding in the high stakes world of entertainment and beyond.”

Looks like an interesting read, no?

He adds: “Along my journey, I’ve experienced and have had to learn how to overcome several obstacles including two bouts with cancer and living through the World Trade Center tragedy. These experiences alone made me have to dig deep inside myself to discover what it is I wanted to do in life and how I was going to resolve to make it happen.”

Initially, our plan was to simply include the above photos of our Colin looking hot, hot, hot in bed but our friend Kevin insisted that we also publish these screencaps from the TV movie Carnal Innocence where our beau floats about in a swimming pool.

hot men in bed colin egglesfield - pool in carnal innocence

Don’t disturb our baby. He’s sleeping.

hot men in bed colin egglesfield - pool

And here are photos we grabbed from Colin’s Instagram (follow him @colinegglesfield).

hot men in bed colin egglesfield - posing by a pool

Hello, Mr. Egglesfield!

hot men in bed colin egglesfield by the pool

Oh god. He really is pretty ain’t he?

colin egglesfield body abs

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