Hot Male Volleyball Players: Shirtless Beach and Court Hunks

Hot Male Volleyball Players: Shirtless Beach and Court Hunks. So you think only football [see Fabio Cannavaro underwear], and rugby [see Ben Cohen’s boxers underwear], and Olympic diving [see Alex Despatie in Speedo] have hot guys in them, huh?

You’re wrong, dear friend. Beach volleyball has got some hot male athletes too. Just ask this unnamed beach volleyball player. He looks like an effin’ movie star, doesn’t he? Anybody know his name? We’ve been trying to ID him but have failed.

hot male volleyball players

Men’s beach volleyball will be much hotter though if the athletes follow baseball star Gabe Kapler and wear Speedos.

Ashton Kutcher is a Beach Volleyball Hunk (20 June 2011). Apparently, Ashton Kutcher is a one hunky beach volleyball player. Sure he may not be as good as them Brazilian volleyball hunks and sure he may look a little hoboish with them long hair and all but he’s still a hot patootie daddy, no? Photos are from a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where Ashton and Demi had their vacation.

A funny pic of our hunky Ashton with his beach shorts ready to drop. How much would you pay to see them clingy wet pair of shorts totally drop to the ground? A hundred bucks? Two hundred? Nada? Or do you agree with our friend Deena that we are asking a silly, pathetic, stupid question that does not deserve any kind of answer whatsoever? Hehehe.

hot male volleyball players ashton

Male Models as Beach Volleyball Hunks: Since we are updating this post anyways, we might as well give you more photos of hot guys playing beach volleyball. Like, for instance, sexy Belarussian male model Anton Antipov.

Or this hunky guy showing off his biceps. We’d be more impressed if he shows us how he smashes that ball though. After all, we’re talking about volleyball and not bodybuilding. Hehe.

hot male volleyball players in speedo

Hot Male Volleyball Players: Now from celebrities like Ashton to male models like Anton, let’s check out hunky guys who play volleyball as professional and amateur athletes. First, let’s have Brazilian beach volleyball hunk Gilberto Amauri de Godoy Filho more popularly known as Giba.

Our friend Deena thinks that if Giba did not become a pro volleyball player, he could easily have become a male underwear model. Do you agree? He sure can give Alex Despatie a stiff contest on who’s got the most awesome Speedo package, no?

hot male volleyball players speedo hunk

Giba has accomplished a lot of things and won a lot of honors in his sport but maybe his most notable achievement would be when he led the Brazilian volleyball team to the gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He was fittingly given the Most Valuable Player award for said Olympic Games.

Another hot volleyball hunk is Wytze Kooistra. This former member of the Dutch national volleyball team may not be as accomplished as Giba on the court but boy does he have model good looks and a sexy male model’s body.

On court Wytze’s blocking skills are Grade A first class.

sexy hot male volleyball players

Off court, his washboard abs and hot body are also Grade A first class. Did we hear you say he’s a stud? That’s what he is, dear friend, that’s what he is.

hot male volleyball players dutch stud

Another hot volleyball stud is Serbian athlete Ivan Miljkovic. He is hot on court having won an Olympic gold medal [Sydney 2000 Games] as part of the national team of the former Yugoslavia. He also sizzles off court as you can see in this picture of him modeling for Estar Cosmetics.

hot male volleyball players ivan milkkovic

Here’s what a Polish website says about the awesome hotness of Ivan (as translated by Google Translate): “Although the Serbian volleyball player next to the photograph of his spouse, co-occurs, we like this picture. It is an indescribable sweetness, delicacy, tenderness and innocence. So nouns, which are unlikely to come to us first to mind when we think about Ivania.”

All they’re saying is IVAN IS A HOT STUD! Hehe. We think you’ll be more appreciative of Ivan’s hunkness if you see him shirtless. Damn, those washboard abs are hot. He should engage Wytze Kooistra in a six-pack contest.

hot male volleyball players ivan miljkovic

Let’s end this post on hot male volleyball players with Polish athlete Mariusz Wlazły. Mariusz is a member of the Polish national team and has won several individual awards such as “best spiker” and “best player” in national and international competitions. He was named the second Most Valuable Player during the 2006 FIVB Senior World Championships in Japan losing only to Brazil’s Giba. Check out Mariusz kissing his ball.

hot male volleyball players mariusz wlazly

We won’t judge you if you imagine that you are that ball he’s smooching. But that’s all you can do because this Polish hunk is very much married to a volleyball player named Paulina Drewicz.

hot male volleyball players mariusz

UPDATE: Wait, there’s more. And by more we mean Christopher Underwood, a beach volleyball player from Puerto Rico.

hot male volleyball players Christopher Underwood

What a hunky cutie. Pic is from the Hermosa Beach Open 2011.

Christopher Underwood Shirtless

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