Hot Male Figure Skaters: Stephane Lambiel, Jeremy Abbott, Johnny Weir

Hot Male Figure Skaters. Want more shirtless figure skaters? Of course you do! Somehow, we forgot to include these photos in our post on shirtless figure skaters so we decided to do a Part II. This time however, let’s also include other shirtless Winter Olympians from other sporting events.

But we begin where we left of, with male figure skaters. First up is one of the cuties and one of the more popular male figure skaters, Stephane Lambiel of Switzerland. Too bad he retired from the sport in 2010 so we won’t be seeing him in action at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

hot male figure skaters stephane lambiel

Take two for our Stephane! Damn, he’s got a nice smile! Yum….myyyy.

Hot Male Figure Skaters stephane lambiel

Ahh, how have we managed to not include Johnny Weir in our earlier post?

johnny weir - shirtless figure skater - peekabo underwear

Who’s got the best washboard abs among our hot male figure skaters? We nominate John Zimmerman and his impressively toned abs. Photo courtesy of VMan Magazine.

hot male figure skaters john zimmerman shirtless - vman mag2

Will 28-year-old Jeremy Abbott continue to wave the flag of the United States in the Winter Olympics as well as in other competitions? Unfortunately not for long. He is reportedly retiring after the 2013-2014 season. Will his fans see him compete at the Sochi Olympics? We sure are hoping that he’s gonna make the U.S. team.

jeremy abbott shirtless figure skater

Do you know the other shirtless guys seen here with Canadian figure skater Jeremy Ten? If you do and if they are also figure skaters, please ID them in the comments. Danke!

hot male figure skaters jeremy ten shirtless

Oops. Our apologies. Seems like we can’t include the other shirtless winter Olympians in this post. The post is going to be too long if we do so we decided to just do a separate blog entry on the others. Watch out for it, OlympicWatchers. Don’t forget to check our our first installment on shirtless figure skaters.

Hot Male Figure Skaters. Posted 23 October 2013. Last updated 5 JuneĀ 2017.