Matt Neustadt Shirtless Farmer Wants a Wife

Matt Neustadt Shirtless Farmer Wants a Wife

Matt Neustadt Farmer Wants a Wife Update. Hah! Finally, we found the reason why Matt Neustadt’s show failed in finding him a wife. Apparently, having your dating life televised did not help Matt and Brooke move their relationship forward. Says Brooke in an interview with “And with all the public excitement it did not give us much time for any ‘normal’ dating. We currently aren’t in touch, but I wish him the best.”

Hot Farmers Calendar Hunks: Shirtless and Underwear Photos

hot farmers calendar with no shirt

Hot Farmers Calendar Hunks. It’s time for another post on shirtless hot farmers. As in the past, these hotties are brought to you by the good people of which, annually, comes out with calendars featuring farmer hunks from the Swiss Alps. However, this particular edition is controversial after it was discovered that some of the guys are not real farmers but are actually male models posing in farms.

Miguel Dakota Shirtless: America’s Got Talent – Gay or Girlfriend

miguel dakota shirtless - americas got talent - instagram Musicians still gotta eat #stillgrindin #hardatwork

Miguel Dakota Shirtless: America’s Got Talent Singing Hunk. Holy canoly, who’s that sexy curly-haired, six-packed farm boy? Is he one of those real farmers who sometimes pose as models for that Switzerland calendar (see Swiss Farmer Calendar Models) ? No, our cutie is not from Switzerland. He’s actually from the United States. We are not sure if he is a real farmer but he sure can be a model.