Hot Leather Dress Looks: Angelina Jolie’s Best Leather Dresses

Hot Leather Dress Looks: Angelina Jolie’s Best Leather Dresses. Nearly a decade since we posted about Angelina’s leather dress, we are updating this post to bring you more leather looks from the Hollywood icon. First up is this Versace leather gown she wore to the premiere of Mr. & Mrs. Smith back in 2005.

hot leather dress - angelina jolie collection - mr and mrs smith

She also wore this shiny leather mini-dress in the S&M scene in the movie itself.

hot leather dress angelina jolie mr and mrs smith sm scene

Angelina rocking her black leather midi-dress at the premiere of her ex’s film, Inglorious Basterds.

hot leather dress - angelina jolie collection - inglorious basterds premiere

She wowed with this Versace long gown at the premiere of her first Maleficent movie. The number is from the Versace collection.

hot leather dress - angelina jolie collection - versace maleficent premiere

So which of the above Angelina Jolie hot leather dresses is your favorite?

Angelina Jolie’s Leather: Best Leather Dress Ever? (29 July 2010). Shall we declare Angelina Jolie’s leather dress during the premiere of her Salt movie in Seoul, South Korea as the best leather dress ever? Seriously, this wet-look dress seems like its inspired by a garbage bag but, it sure looks great on Angelina. Or maybe its a case of the woman making the dress not the other way around?

Anyhoo, here’s the best comment we found on the internets which most aptly describes these pictures from Angie’s photocall in Seoul. The comment goes, “I swear the woman is wearing a plastic bag and exudes sexiness at the same time. How is that possible?”

Angelina Jolie Black Leather Dress: Movie Premieres (5 December 2009). Lest you think all we do here is blog about male celebrities in leather jackets, we decided to bring you this picture of the awesome Angelina Jolie in her sexy leather dress to disabuse you of such thought.

angelina jolie leather dress

In fact we’ve actually been blogging about female celebrities in leather. You might want to check out these female celebrities in their leather underwear.

Hot Leather Dress: Angelina Jolie’s Best Leather Dresses. First post 5 December 2009. Last updated: November 17, 2019 at 5:27 am.

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