Hot Korean Men: Shirtless Actors and Models

Hot Korean Men: Shirtless Actors and Models. Ten years later, we are adding more Korean hunks to our list of sizzling hot Korean men. In fact, we are adding eight more guys to the list. Unlike the ones below who are an underwear model and an athlete, these additions are mostly from the world of acting or singing.

Let’s begin this update with the gorgeous Kim Woo Bin who can obviously give the Guess underwear model in our original post a stiff competition on who has the better washboard abs.

hot korean men - Kim Woo-bin

We love Kim Woo Bin so much here’s another photo of the guy.

hot korean men - Kim Woo-bin2

Choi Min-Ho bares his sculpted abs during a concert to the delight of thirsty fans. Yay.

hot korean men Choi Min-ho shirtless abs

Jung Eun Woo looks pensive as his underwear waistband peeks out of his jeans.

hot korean men Jung Eun Woo

Lee Dong Wook on the cover of Nylon Magazine.

hot korean men Lee Dong Wook abs

Lee Min-Ho under the shower.

hot korean men lee min-ho body under shower

Nam Goong Min gives us a glimpse of his Calvin Klein underwear.

hot korean men NAM GOONG MIN

Song Joong-ki gets busy calling someone from the gym.

hot korean men Song Joong-ki

Our imaginary boyfriend Sung Hoon and his washboard abs get featured in a magazine story.

hot korean men Sung Hoon

Korean Washboard Abs: Eight Pack Male Model (10 June 2010). This Korean male model has probably the best washboard abs we’ve seen in the runway. He sure has a well-sculpted eight-pack abs which is making our body-conscious friend Kevin feel more anxious about his expanding waistline. Time to hit the gym, eh Kevin?

hot korean male underwer model

We’d like to think that this model, who we unfortunately don’t have a name for, can rival an elite football player’s abs like, say, Lee Chung-Yong’s.

hot korean men shirtless washboard abs

Want more Hot Asian Men like this guy?

korean male model underwear by guess

Hot Korean Men: Football Star Lee Chung-Yong (20 July 2009). Korean football superstar is reportedly signing up with the Bolton Wanderers. Good for him. His league decided to let him go “for his own good”.

hot korean men lee chung yong - football player

Here’s the statement on the transfer issued by FC Seoul via their website: Although we are in the middle of the season, we have decided to agree to transfer Lee for the player’s own good. We have agreed to the basics of the transfer with Bolton and will start fine-tuning the details of the contract starting today.”

Congratulations and good luck to Lee Chung-Yong. We’re hoping he’s gonna kick butt in Britain. Anyways, here’s Lee with Britain’s own boy wonder David Beckham. The picture is totally unrelated to Lee’s transfer but we wanted to add it here because The Becks himself is in the news (but then when is he ever NOT in the news) after he was booed by Galaxy fans.

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