Hot Indonesian Men: Hunky Male Models

Hot Indonesian Men: Hunky Male Models. A decade later, we are updating this post to bring you more hunky male models from the Southeast Asian island country of Indonesia, home to about 267 million people living in 17,508 islands.

You didn’t think you’d be learning geography here, didn’t you? Haha. Anyway, let’s begin this update with model and actor Dave Swatt (also known as David Gusti Ngurah Putra).

hot indonesian men dave swatt

Next up, check out Mr. Indonesia 2018 Okka Pratama.

indonesian male model - mr indonesia Okka Pratama

And here’s Rio Dewanto who’s a brand ambassador for Charriol Indonesia.

indonesian male models Rio Dewanto2

indonesian hunks male models Rio Dewanto

Finally, our last but not the least in our list of hot Indonesian men is Agung Arya who, as you can see, is sizzling hot in his shirltess photo below.

hot indonesian men agung arya shirtless

Indonesian Model and actor Edward Gunawan in Speedo (30 August 2010). Looking for hot Asian men, particularly Indonesian male models? Meet Edward Gunawan. He would be what one would call a multi-cultural model: he was born in Indonesia, grew up in Singapore, but he spent most of his life in the United States.

hot indonesian men edward gunawan speedo

You can also say that he is multi-talented. Apart from being a model, he is also an actor, a writer, a producer, and a director who, according to IMDB, recently won the Jury Award for Best Director (Short Film) for “Laundromat” at the 19th CLIP: Tampa LGBT Film Festival. Did we say he’s multi-talented?

hot indonesian men edward gunawan

And he looks good in his underwear too! And that squarecut Speedo is hawt. Seems like this dude caught all the blessings when God, up in heaven, poured them blessings to his people on earth, no?

hot indonesian men edward gunawan body

Indonesian Men in Underwear: Rezamal Ilham in Emporio Armani Boxer Briefs (14 July 2010). Indonesian male model Rezamal Ilham is looking great in his Emporio Armani red boxer briefs [see more red underwear for men].

hot indonesian men underwear rezamal ilham

Our Indonesian hunk in camouflage athletic shirt.

Looking cute in suspenders and jeans [see more suspender fashion tips].

Oh, goody. He’s wet and shirtless. What’s not to like?

Asian Men’s Suit and Tie: Edwin Kadarisman, Male Model (08 May 2010). Indonesian male model Edwin Kadarisman as he runs to tell his departing girlfriend that he really really loves him and that he wants to be with him forever and ever. Hehe.


At least that’s what we think he’s doing what with them beautiful red roses he’s holding. Hope you’ll catch your girl, Edwin!



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