Hot Hockey Players 2016: Mantas Armalis – San Jose Sharks

Today in hot hockey players, we bring you a guy who recently hogged the headlines three weeks ago after he was signed by the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League (NHL). His name is Mantas Armalis, a goaltender who played for a Swedish hockey team and, in international competitions, Lithuania.

hot hockey players 2016 - mantas armalis - san jose sharks

Why did he hog the headlines, you ask? Because he is also a bonafide working male model who walked fashion runways in his underwear such as the ones below when he modeled during a Versace fashion show.

hot hockey players 2016 - mantas armalis - versace underwear model

From USA Today:

The San Jose Sharks signed 23-year-old goalie and actual male model Mantas Armalis to an entry-level contract Monday morning immediately causing athletes everywhere to question their own good looks.

Armalis, who will likely start out by playing for the Sharks AHL team, isn’t just dabbling in modeling. He’s landed at least one print campaign and walked the runway for Versace at Milan Fashion Week.

hot hockey players 2016 - mantas armalis - versace underwear model2

The Sports Grid is more emphatic in its admiration for Mantas’ physical attributes.

Holy hockey thighs. Everyone who’s anyone knows that hockey players have the market cornered on the butt and thigh game, most especially goalies. Still, we are all used to seeing those things reined in by some some gym shorts or tight jeans. This is a rare up close and personal look; and it’s all pretty impressive.

We agree 100%! More photos of our first guy in our 2016 list of hot hockey players after the jump.