Hot Guys With Blue Eyes: Celebrities and Male Models

Hot Guys With Blue Eyes. Are you a fan of men with piercing blue eyes? Then you are lucky today because we are bringing you these amazing photos of the handsome Lukas Ridgeston. Lukas is a male model and adult actor from Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. Check out his piercing blue eyes. First, here’s a pic of him taken when he was younger.

lukas ridgeston eyes

And here’s a more recent photo.

hot guys with blue eyes - lukas

Of course, Lukas isn’t the only hot guy with blue eyes. Let’s check out the others, shall we?

CNN Mediaman Anderson Cooper. His silver hair goes oh-so-nicely with his baby blue eyes. Question: Do you think he’d be better off if he gets his ears pinned a-la Neil Patrick Harris? [See Neil Patrick Harris Surgery.]

guys with blue eyes - anderson cooper

Chris Pine. The Star Trek actor has grown on us here at Famewatcher. We liked him because he is a pretty boy, then disliked him because he is a pretty boy, but we’re liking him now (and until forever) because he is a pretty boy who can act and who is supportive of the LGBT community.

hot guys with blue eyes - chris pine

Elijah Wood. His blue eyes can be haunting, no?

guys with blue eyes - elijah wood

Jake Gyllenhaal. Ah Jake. The only thing we are wishing for you is an Academy Award. Unfortunately, it seems like you are going to have to wait until you are in your sixties before those Academy voters give you that Oscar statue that you deserve. Well, at least you have your sexy blue eyes.

We were bummed when Jake was not nominated for Nightcrawler but he’s a talented actor so he will continue to come up with great performances.

guys with piercing blue eyes - jake gyllenhaal

Brad Pitt. The Bra in Brangelina is growing old gracefully. He tends to dress down outside of red carpet events but that’s what having a brood of seven (?) will do for you. Props to Brad for continuing to come up with noteworthy projects (movies and otherwise).

hot guys with blue eyes - brad pitt

Matt Bomer. Who says gay men don’t have a place in Hollywood Main Street? Not our blue eyed hunk who came out a few years ago and who still continues to get mainstream projects. Yay for him. And yay for Hollywood.

hot guys with blue eyes - matt bomer

Let’s end this post on guys with blue eyes with one of the greatest Hollywood actors ever: the late Paul Newman. He is hot beyond words so we won’t even try saying anything about him :-)

hot guys with blue eyes - paul newman2

So who of these guys with blue eyes is your favorite? Who would you bring home to mama?

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