Hot Guys Wet Shirt: Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan

Hot Guys Wet Shirt. Are “let’s shoot you with your wet shirt” photos still a thing? Apparently, it is very much a thing. Why else would Alexander Skarsgard pose in his wet clothes if the concept has been ditched by photographers and magazines.

Not that we are complaining or anything. In fact, we get the appeal of hot guys wet shirt. It intrigues. It calls attention to a man’s muscles and body. It is revealing but not scandalously so. And it wants you to go “there” with your imagination. So, of course wet shirt photos are still a thing. And we are willing to bet a thousand bucks that it will be a thing forever and ever. Are you game?

But let’s get on with the first dude in our list of Hot Guys Wet Shirt: Alexander Skarsgard, the star of the upcoming movie Tarzan! Alex, his gorgeous blue eyes, and his body-hugging shirt sizzle on the cover of Vanity Fair.

hot guys wet shirt alexander skarsgard - vanity fair italy

Want more male celebrity wet shirts? Hello, Mr. Chest Hair!

alexander skarsgard hot guys wet shirt - vanity fair italy2

Another hot guys wet shirt photo of our Alex. Oh wait, it’s the same as the Vanity Fair cover! Well, but without the distracting text.

alexander skarsgard hot guy wet shirt - vanity fair italy3

Let’s say, “Hello! Mr. Chest Hair!” for the second time.

alexander skarsgard sexy chest hair

Hey, here’s our third hot guys wet shirt from our Alex. Who keeps pouring water on the poor dude? He obviously traded his T-shirt for a button down but he’s wet all over again!

alexander skarsgard hot guy wet shirt - vogue magazine

Is he wearing a wet shirt? Or is the shirt simply transparent? Actually, it looks like he got sweaty and all.

alexander skarsgard wet shirt - vanity fair italy

We learned the following about Skarsgard from his Vanity Fair Italy Interview:

His dad is a big Tarzan fan: “Meanwhile, my father (Stellan, star of Breaking the Waves and Nymphomaniac) is a fan unleashed. As a boy he put money aside just for going to the movies to see Johnny Weissmuller, the ones in black and white of the thirties and forties, which projected in a movie theater on Saturday morning. Later, he collected them on videotape. When I heard that I got the part, I went to watch all those tapes.”

He began acting when he was young: “I started working as an actor when I was a child and I stopped at 13 (immediately after becoming very popular with the television film, The Dog That Smiled) because I wanted desperately to be like everyone else. Attention from people made me uncomfortable, so I told my father that I did not want to continue. As a boy I wanted to be like my peers: playing football, going to the pub for a drink with friends, at the stadium. The cinema has never ceased to please me, but I preferred to watch films, rather than being a part of them. At least until I was 20. ”

How did he handle fame at a young age? “To me that the taste of fame was not liked for nothing. The fact that my father in Sweden was a very popular actor helped to make me feel insecure. I wanted the attention of others, to have people laugh at my jokes, and I liked that the girls looked at me, found me cute, funny, charming. But I assumed that they were with me just because they had seen me in a movie. I could not bear it. ”

Alex turns 40 this coming August 25: “I do not know if it’s because of age or if itÂ’s because of how it’s going in my career, but I’m happy. I loved being part of True Blood: it was seven wonderful years. And I miss my colleagues, there are times when I wish I were still on the set with them and playing the vampire Eric Northman. On the other side, it’s exciting to feel free. During its run, the series set my life’s agenda, and there were interesting opportunities that I had to give up.”

Alex talks about having a family of his own in the future: “I have no children and am not married. But I come from a big family, I have seven brothers and sisters. The smallest is under four years old, I’m surrounded by teens and children. So, although I like the idea of having my own family, I’m in no hurry.”

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