Hot Guys Wearing Kilts: Roger Federer, Grigor Dimitrov, Murray Bros

Hot Guys Wearing Kilts: Roger Federer, Grigor Dimitrov, Eugen Bauder, and the Murray Brothers. Hey, FedererWatchers, check out your tennis idol rocking a Scottish kilt. The Raj wore the kilt, which was provided by a fan, during his exhibition match in Scotland with local tennis hero Andy Murray.

hot guys wearing kilt 2017 roger federer

The BBC has the details on the tennis match and how Roger ended up wearing a kilt:

During an interview after taking the first set, Federer joked: “If anyone brings me a kilt, I will put it on.” A female fan then appeared at the side of the court willing to give him hers. Later Murray put on a tartan hat Federer presented him with midday through the tie-break. Speaking about his own tartan attire, the Swiss player said: “What impressed me was how quickly the kilt was organised. When I took it off I felt naked because it was nice and snug and heavy.”

hot guys wearing kilt

Way to go, Raja!

roger federer kilt

This is not the first time the tennis great wore a kilt. In fact, he wore a kilt when he extended an invitation to Murray last year to the Match for Africa, Roger’s tennis charity match. Good to know that these guys are pals on and off the court, no?

roger federer wearing kilt

Aside from Roger, other tennis stars spotted wearing a kilt include Grigor Dimitrov:

hot guys wearing kilt grigor dimitrov

Of course, Andy and his brother Jamie famously wore kilts when the latter tied the knot. Want more Scottish Men Wearing Kilts?

hot guys wearing kilt - andy murray and jamie murray

Other guys we should include in this 2017 installment of hot guys wearing kilt include Arie Luyendyk and his fellow The Bachelorette contestants. Arie, as we mentioned in a previous post, will be back on your TV screen as the next guy who’d be looking for a suitable girl in the next edition of The Bachelor. Look out for it this coming January.

hot guys wearing kilt arie luyendyk kilt

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