Hot Guys in Sweatpants 2021 Edition

Hot Guys in Sweatpants 2021 Edition. Came across this photo of Bradley James on his Instagram feed (follow him @bradleyjames) and we went like, “Damn, King Arthur, why have you been hiding your sculpted bod all these time.”

It would have been cool to see King Arthur and Merlin swashbuckling shirtless through Merrie Olde England, no?

Another thing we love, love, love about the pic is Bradley’s sweatpants. Naturally, this prompted us to write this post and to find other hunky guys rocking their sweats. Famewatchers, say hi to our Hot Guys With Sweatpants 2021 Edition:

hot guys in sweatpants bradley james

Canadian diver Aidan Faminoff looks hot AF as he drinks coffee by the window.

hot guys in sweatpants 2021 - Aidan Faminoff - canadian driver

Actor Derek Yates looks like he is doing a shoulder press but we do not know exactly what he’s doing. We’re love, love, loving the manscaped body hair!

hot guys in sweatpants Derek Yates actor

Power Rangers co-stars Nico Greetham and Peter Adrian Sudarso share a moment. Damn, those sculpted abs in them two!

hot guys in sweatpants Nico Greetham and Peter Adrian Sudarso - power rangers costars

Bojan Todoroski is a personal trainer and workout coach who looks like he’s gonna whip you into shape when you are slacking.

hot guys in sweatpants Bojan Todoroski

Can you do what male supermodel Chad White is doing below? It may look easy but you’ll need balance, agility, body coordination, and strength to pull it off.

hot guys in sweatpants chad white2

Because we love him so much, here’s another pic of Chad in sweatpants.

hot guys in sweatpants chad white

Brazilian model Diego Barros is gifted in ways that made us difficult to find a photo of him in sweatpants which would not scandalize our Grandma Akita. Yup, even sweatpants are not enough to conceal his impressive Little Diego.

hot guys in sweatpants diego barros

Instagram model Derek Caravaggio takes a selfie for his fans.

hot guys in sweatpants derek_caravaggio

Aussie actor Lachlan Buchanan is getting himself some nutritious Vitamin D.

hot guys in sweatpants lachlan buchanan - aussie actor

Jermelle Simon is built like a Greek statue, ain’t he?

Hot Guys in Sweatpants Jermelle Simon

Is America’s Next Top Model contestant Chris Hernandez waiting for a date?

hot guys in sweatpants - chris hernandez antm

Last but not the least in our list of Hot Guys In Sweatpants is carpenter turned model turned legit actor Matthew Noszka.

hot guys in sweatpants - matthew noszka

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