Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade: Graeco Roman Wrestler Calendar

Benoit Bouzekri dieux du stade french wrestler

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade Wrestler Hunk. So, we decided to update this post to add another photo of our Graeco Roman wrestler from a Dieux du Stade photoshoot. We’re told this pic is from the Dieux du Stade calendar in 2011. Or maybe its the 2010 issue? Sorry, we are not sure.

Romain Barras Underwear: French Decathlete is Spandex Hunk

romain barras hot decathlete

Romain Barras Underwear: French Decathlete is Spandex Hunk. Okay Famewatchers who love Spandex and the men who wear them, this post featuring decathlete Romain Barras is for you. For those of you who are coming across this hunky athlete for the first time, Romain is a French athlete who’ve been competing in the decathlon since 2001 when he participated in the World Student Games. He’s the current European champion after he beat the competition in the 2010 European Championships held in Barcelona, Spain. More photos of Romain after the jump.

Hot French Men in Speedo: Alain Bernard and Frederick Bousquet

Hot French Men in Speedo Frederick Bousquet - mizuno

Hot French Men in Speedo: Alain Bernard. Olympic champion swimmer Alain Bernard in his square-cut Speedo swim trunks. How would you rate his hotness? Very hot, ultra hot, or duh? To us, anyone who sets a world record, as Alain Bernard did, is ultra-hot. Hehe.

Maxime Medard Shirtless, Modeling Photos, and Hot Fashion Style

maxime medard fashion - white suit

Maxime Medard Shirtless, Modeling Photos, and Hot Fashion Style: Olympic skier Bode Miller apparently isn’t the only male athlete who’s into wearing white suits. Famewatchers, meet Maxine Medard and his all-white outfit (well, it’s all-white except for that offending black shoes, his stylist should have made him wear a white pair of shoes too).

Olivier Martinez Underwear, Gay or Straight, in Before Night Falls

Olivier Martinez Underwear. This French hottie first came to our and Hollywood’s attention when he was cast as Diane Lane’s lover in the 2002 movie Unfaithful but, before that, he was Javier Bardem’s lover in Before Night Falls (a film about the life of Cuban poet/novelist Reinaldo Arenas and which had the delightful cameo role for Johnny Depp as a transexual). In real life, Olivier is currently making beautiful music with Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry.