Nicolas Anelka Shirtless Body, Wedding, Wife Barbara

nicolas anelka bulge in shorts

Nicolas Anelka Shirtless Body, Wedding, Wife Barbara Tausia. Today in Hot French Men, we bring you retired soccer superstar Nicolas Anelka who’s got a documentary coming out about his life called Anelka: Misunderstood. If you are a fan of the guy and would like to get his side of the story on his controversial exclusion from the French national team during the 2010 World Cup, then you should watch it when it drops on Netflix on August 5.

Gilles Marini Shirtless Celebrity Hunk of the Day

gilles marini shirtless calendar

Gilles Marini Shirtless French Hunk of the Day. These Gilles Marini shirtless photos are awesome! We must admit that we were not digging Gilles Marini until we came across these photos and went, “Wowza. That Cheryl Burke is one really lucky lady.” We will be looking forward to his moves in Dancing With the Stars.

Theo Ford Hot Men in Suit: Irish Hunk and Male Model

smoking hot men in suit - irish actor theo ford

Theo Ford Hot Men in Suit: Irish Hunk and Male Model. Today in Hot Men in Suits, we bring you adult actor Theo Ford who is sure rocking his suit in these photos. Theo is French but he grew up in Ireland because his dad got a job in the Emerald Isle. Theo went on to study at Dublin City University but modeling offers came a-calling so he moved to Paris when he was signed by a French modeling agency.

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade: Graeco Roman Wrestler Calendar

Benoit Bouzekri dieux du stade french wrestler

Benoit Bouzekri Dieux du Stade Wrestler Hunk. So, we decided to update this post to add another photo of our Graeco Roman wrestler from a Dieux du Stade photoshoot. We’re told this pic is from the Dieux du Stade calendar in 2011. Or maybe its the 2010 issue? Sorry, we are not sure.