Hot Costa Rica Men: Models, Actors, and Just Hunky Guys

Hot Costa Rica Men: Models, Actors, and Just Hunky Guys. Hello Famewatchers who know your hot Costa Rica men, can you please identify Mauricio Mayorga among the three guys below. We ask because he is representing Costa Rica to the Manhunt International contest. Let us hope he wins.

hot costa rica men

Who’s the guy below you ask? The hunky dude is Alonso Fernandez Alvarez. He was Costa Rica’s bet in Manhunt International 2007. We love, love, love his fabulous shades.

hot costa rica men alonso fernandez alvarez

Our Mr. Alvarez got some nice abs.

alonso fernadez alvarez

Hot Costa Rica Men Update (posted: 18 December 2011). Of course you want more hunky male models from the Central America Republic of Costa Rica, don’t you? In this second part of our monitoring of gorgeous guys from Costa, we begin with the handsome and totally shaggable stud that is Alonso Fernandez Alvarez. Remember him? He’s the guy with the shades above.

All we’re gonna say is “Yummm…my” and “Wowza” and “Hey Alonso, are you waxing your abstastic chest?” because, seriously, he must be waxing it right?

hot costa rica men alonso alvarez

Another beautiful hunk from Costa Rica is this guy named Gary Bravo. Ain’t he drop-dead gorgeous? His name sounds like the name of a soap opera character and he certainly can give a stiff competition to those soap opera actors that you dream about when you go to sleep. Haha.

hot costa rica men gary bravo

Probably our favorite of this group of sexy Costa Rica male models is this swimsuit-wearing dude, Gabriel Gerro Reinhardt. He makes us wanna do the dirty with him.

Okay, all of these models make us wanna do that but Gabriel Gerro Reinhardt is the first among equals. Hehe. We hope you know what we mean.

hot costa rica men gabriel gerro reinhardt

What we like most about Marco de la Ossa below is his very expressive eyes. With a gift like that, we think Costa Rica’s Mr. Universe Model would make a very good actor.

hot costa rica men marco de la ossa

Of course Costa Rica male models don’t sizzle only when they’re on their skimpy Speedo swimsuits and sexy underwear. They ooze sexiness too even if they’re dressed up in their formal suits. Check out for instance model hunk Isaac Solis Hernandez.

hot costa rica men isaac solis hernandez

Last but not the least in our effort to give you sexy Costa Ricans is bald hottie Steve Montenegro.

He’s got the sculpted body and the bald head that makes us go, “Damn, he’s hotter than Yul Brynner!” Anyhoo, some of you might want to compare his sexy baldness to the other baldies we’ve blogged about in the past in Bald Guys Are Hot.

hot costa rica male model

Hot Costa Rica Men: Models, Actors, and Just Hunky Costa Ricans. Originally posted 22 April 2009. Last updated: March 2, 2020 at 7:19 am.