Hot Cops Shirtless: 12 Real Policemen as Male Models

Hot Cop Dan Rengering’s Before and After Weight Loss Photos. We are updating this post to add Dan Rengering to our list of hot cops. A member of the Gainesville Police Department, Dan gained viral fame when social media discovered his gorgeousness. He was then cast on Survivor where we learned that, before he earned the “Hot Cop Dan” moniker, he was actually overweight when he was younger. Here are some before weight loss photos of the guy:

dan rengering before weight loss photos

And here are after weight loss photos of Dan posing for furiousfotog.

hot cop dan rengering - model

dan rengering after weight loss - shirtless model

Hot Cops Shirtless: From Around the World (15 August 2014). Who wants some real cops with their shirts off? Of course, we here at Famewatcher – especially Deena and Kevin – want us some shirtless cops. We know you are like us in our admiration for men in uniform so we came up with this list of 12 real cops with no shirt.

When we say real cops, we mean they are real in IRL not those silly muscle-bound models pretending they are cops. Anyhoo, let’s start our list with Officer K. Gorman of the North Charleston Police Department who posed as Mr. December for a charity calendar project which raised money for the Special Olympics.

real police hunks shirtless - north charleston - for special olympics - k gorman

Next in our list is this shirtless cop from the Philippines, Neil Perez Flormata. He’s recently made headlines in for participating in a male beauty pageant, Mr. Philippines. In case you are wondering, he’s got the support of his fellow police officers.

neil perez flormata - shirtless hot cops - mr philippines

Third in our list is bald hunk Officer Michael Gonzalez who’s posing for the New Jersey police force’s Calendar Cops, a charity calendar project which raised funds for the Garden State C.O.P.S (Concerns of Police Survivors).

hot real cops - nj calendar cops - kearny ofc michael gonzalez

Of course, hot cops from the United States are not the only ones posing for charity calendar projects. Here’s an underwear-clad Spanish policeman posing for a similar project in 2008.

This New Jersey police officer reminds us of images accompanying the biblical story of the Garden of Eden …. you know, the ones where the vegetation is hiding Adam and Eve’s private parts?

real cops sexy - nj calendar cops

This North Charleston cop is probably our favorite among our shirtless police officers. Strangely, he makes us want to bring him home to mama but he also brings out our “mothering instinct”.

real hot cops sexy - north charleston calendar

Ain’t this the most dramatic shirtless cop photo in the history of shirtless cops? Beats what those silly shirtless fireman photos, no? Pic is from the New Jersey Calendar Cops project.

hot cops - nj calendar cops shirtless

Officer Eric Calleja posing for the Garden State Calendar Cops

real hot shirtless cops - nj calendar cops - linden ofc eric calleja

PFC S. Souther, posing for the North Charleston police’s Special Olympics calendar project, has the most badass hair. We like your hair, officer!

shirtless cops - north charleston calendar - pfc s souther

Chris Korhs is also known as the hot cop of Castro. Not surprisingly, he’s got tons of internet fans who made a Facebook page to celebrate his hotness.

shirtless police hunks - Chris Kohrs - hot cop of castro

Here’s another one from the New Jersey Calendar Cops project.

shirtless policemen - new jersey hot cops calendar2

We’re not sure if this is a real cop or a model posing as a policeman. If he’s the real deal, he must have the best washboard abs in the “policing” world, no?

shirtless real hot cops - unnamed

Question: Are these shirtless cops hotter than these shirtless firefighters?