Break Up: Steven Page & Barenaked Ladies Split

Thankfully, it seems like this breakup is a mutual decision. Unlike, say the JD Fortune/INXS break-up which appears to be some kind of a nasty divorce that may involve some abandonment thingie.

From CBC:

Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page has left the group he helped form in Toronto to pursue his own solo projects. 

In a statement posted on the band’s website early Wednesday, the band said Page will be “parting company with the remaining members of the Barenaked Ladies” under a “mutual agreement.”

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Blake Harper aka Peter Tiefenbach is Now a Nurse?

Blake Harper aka Peter Tiefenbach is Now a Nurse? Is chest hair back? We think so. Male celebrities should ditch all that manscaping and follow the example of our dude of the day, Blake Harper, who is proudly sporting an unshaved, unwaxed, un-manscaped chest and abs. If that ain’t gorgeous and manly, we don’t know what is. Oh, in case you our wondering, our Blake is from Canada so let’s include him to our list of totally gorgeous Canadian hunks.

So what is Blake up to these days? Well, according to his wikipedia page, he is working as a nurse at a hospital in Windsor, Ontario in Canada. Pretty cool change of profession from modeling, huh? But this info that Blake is now a nurse is dated (2007) so take it with a grain of salt.

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