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Is Danyl Johnson Gay? Or Bisexual?

Is Danyl Johnson Gay? Or Bisexual? Is X-Factor hottie Danyl Johnson gay? Nope. He’s not. According to The Mirror, Danyl is a “free spirit” who dates men and women. He even has the hots for Simon Cowell. Careful, careful, Danyl boy. You don’t want Ryan Seacrest to get jealous and destroy your career, do you? Hell hath no fury like The Ryan dumped for a cuter guy.

dany johnson gay or straight

Anyhoo, here’s Danyl on his sexuality and his X-Factor performance: “I don’t like to conform or be put into one box or another and if I’m honest all the judges are good-looking. If I like someone’s personality it doesn’t really matter what they look like or what sex they are.Dannii and Cheryl are both beautiful and I’m a bit cheeky, so I played up to them a bit during the performance to get them on my side.” Continue reading Is Danyl Johnson Gay? Or Bisexual?

Mark Cavendish: Cycling Shorts and Shirtless Photo

Mark Cavendish Cycling Shorts and Shirtless Photo. It’s time for the Tour de France once again when cyclists and cycling afficionados turn their eyes to Europe to see who’s gonna have the bragging rights as the best cyclist of them all. For a year, that is.

British cyclist Mark Cavendish is having a good campaign winning several stages. How many has he won so far? Four? Five? Sorry, we’re too lazy to get the exact number but he is having a swell time. Anyways, let’s celebrate his victories by raising our hands along with him, shall we?

mark cavendish cycling shorts

More Mark Cavendish Cycling Shorts (posted 29 November 2011). British cyclist Mark Cavendish continue to be the gift that keeps on giving for fans of men in cycling shorts. Check out his photo in Qatar. Pretty nice, huh? Continue reading Mark Cavendish: Cycling Shorts and Shirtless Photo

Robert Patttinson Smoking Photos

For our friends who google “Robert Pattinson smoking”. We don’t know whether you want to see a picture of him smoking a cigarette or maybe a cigar or you just want a smoking hot picture of the Twilight star. Whatever you are looking for, we think this picture covers both. He is smoking a cigarette and he looks hot lying in bed in his muscle shirt (do the Brits call this kind of shirt “wifebeaters“?).

By the way, for the record, we’d like to repeat the Surgeon General’s warning that smoking is dangerous to your health. Continue reading Robert Patttinson Smoking Photos

Philip Olivier Calendar Photos: British Beefcake Calls It a Day

Philip Olivier Calendar Photos: British Beefcake Calls It a Day. You liked our post on Philip Olivier and his underwear, eh? Here’s more photos of this British hottie from his 2009 Calendar photoshoot. All those weight-work outs has given him those delicious muscles, no?

Philip Olivier calendar photos

Hey Philip, are you trying to get us wet? Go ahead and drench us then! Continue reading Philip Olivier Calendar Photos: British Beefcake Calls It a Day

Kris Marshall Shirtless, Underwear, and DNA Test

Kris Marshall Shirtless, Underwear, and DNA Test. Ahh, Kris Marshall. You’re a bad boy. Playing hanky panky with your neighbor when your girl is not around, eh?

The News of the World is reporting that Kris, behind his girlfriend’s back, has been hooking up with his neighbor who is now reportedly pregnant. Says a source: “With the pair of them spending so much time together and sleeping together, she fell in love. The affair carried on until sometime around Valentine’s Day, when she told Kris she was pregnant.”

The source adds: “At first he said he didn’t want anything to do with it and hasn’t seen her since—but he must have changed his stance as he now wants her to have the DNA test. She’s obviously devastated. She claims she’s had no other lovers and is adamant it’s his. She thought he cared for her, but now has to have a test to prove what she says is true.”

Kris Marshall Shirtless and Underwear Photos Update: No we do not know the result of the DNA test. We suspect (and that’s a capital S, okay) it turned out positive that he’s the baby daddy. If the result was negative, don’t you think his press agent will announce it to the world? Anyhoo, whatever is the result, we hope the baby will grow up to be healthy and successful. Continue reading Kris Marshall Shirtless, Underwear, and DNA Test

Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Video and Photos

Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Movie. Robert Pattinson soaks it up and goes for the naked wet look in some movie he made years ago. The movie is called The Haunted Airman or something like that. Gotta go check the official name of the movie and will update this later.


Here’s the trailer for The Haunted Airman. The other video below is a short clip from the film. [Update: Sorry, the videos were deleted at source.] Continue reading Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Video and Photos