Michael Auger Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

michael auger shirtless in underwear

Michael Auger Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Here’s a question for the folks among us who have made it a hobby to ogle at male celebrity underwear: Is Collabro’s Michael Auger wearing swim trunks in the photo below or is he one of those guys — we are looking at you Justin Bieber — who use their underwear as swimwear?

Ciaran Griffiths Shirtless and Underwear: Then and Now

Ciaran Griffiths sweatpants

Ciaran Griffiths Shirtless Update: Then and Now. We are updating this post to bring you more shirtless photos of the talented British actor who, per IMDB, most recently starred in a TV show called Ghost Seekers. We are still wondering where one can watch it — is it on cable, streaming, or aired on free TV — so if you happen to have the info, do send it our way. What say you of these photos of Ciaran? Pretty hawt, huh? We grabbed it from the pages of Attitude magazine which deserves much praise for these amazing images.

Mark Wright Shirtless, Speedo, Wedding, and Other Stuff

mark wright speedo swimwear

Mark Wright Update: Shirtless, Speedo, Wedding, and Jack Tweed. So, what’s Mark Wright been doing ever since we blogged about him a decade ago having his pants pulled down by his pal Jack Tweed? Apparently, he is now a presenter for the evening show of Heart Radio. Oh, he also got hitched to actress Michelle Keegan in 2015. Here are pics from their wedding day which, because the two are both famous, naturally made it to the Hello Magazine cover page:

Tom Hopper Shirtless, Workout, Speedo, Wedding

tom hopper black sails shorts2

Tom Hopper Shirtless, Speedo, Workout, Gay or Straight. You think we’re done writing about our imaginary beau? Of course not! He is too pretty to ignore, that’s why! Sorry, Laura, we’re not trying to steal your hubby or anything. Hehe. We just make it a point to update this post to show our appreciation for his incomparable good looks. We blame the magazines for always featuring him and putting him on their cover pages! Hehe.

Amir Khan Weigh-in Underwear and Shirtless Photos

amir khan underwear boxer briefs

Amir Khan Shirtless, Wedding, and Life After Boxing Update. So, how’s our favorite British Pakistani boxer these days? What’s his life life since we last blogged about him a little more than ten years ago in May 2011? Well, life has gone swimmingly for the guy! He’s made millions of money in boxing; established several businesses such as a wedding banquet hall, a restaurant, and a make-up shop; and started his own boxing promotion company called Khan Promotion and a charitable foundation. Oh, he married his high school sweetheart too, Faryal Makhdoom. They are now raising two daughters and, early this year, they starred in a BBC reality show called Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton about their lives.

Andrew Garfield Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards

andrew garfield tick tick boom

Andrew Garfield Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards. It’s been ten years since we last updated this post and we think it’s high time we update it again because our imaginary Famewatcher beau — who kinda laid low after his stint as Spider-Man — is back big time, baby! Sure, he never actually left as he continued to make movies and appeared as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK but those are low key affairs. These days, he is very much in the news for his role as Jonathan Larson in the upcoming movie Tick, Tick, Boom! The Netflix film, which you can watch three days from now, is getting great reviews — it currently has a 90% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes — and Andrew’s performance is getting much praise.