Hot Baseball Players: Who is The Hottest Baller in 2017?

Hot Baseball Players Shirtless. This is the second installment of our series to bring you the hottest shirtless baseball players. As in the first installment, this list includes ballplayers who are currently playing as well as those who have already retired.

Who is six-time All Star David Wright hugging in the next photo below? A fan or maybe its her longtime girlfriend Molly Beers? David is a third baseman for the New York Mets.

hot baseball players - david wright shirtless

Awww. Derek Holland, starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers, sure knows how to catch a fish. Us women love a man like that because it is a mark of a good provider. Right, girls?

hot baseball players - derek holland shirtless texas ranger pitcher

Curtis (in our previous post) has some competition in the “baseball’s best abs” department in the person of Edwin Jackson. Jackson is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs.


Is six-time Gold Glove Award winner Eric Chavez, who currently plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks, taking a bath in the pic below?

eric chavez shirtless in bath

Hunter Pence, outfielder for this year’s defending champion the San Francisco Giants, stripped off his shirt during the Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show back in 2011 when he was still with the Philadelphia Phillies.

hunter pence shirtless baseball phillie hunk - Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show

Awww. How cute is Boston Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury when he pulls up his shirt? This multi-awarded baller (AL Comeback Player of the Year, Gold Glove Award, and Silver Slugger Award all for 2011) is a candidate for Deena’s imaginary baseball boyfriend. Hehe.

Jacoby Ellsbury Outfield Boston Red Sox

Yours truly likes older imaginary boyfriends so we are going for the now retired Javy López who last played for the Boston Red Sox. Do you think the three-time All Star catcher is still in tip-top shape after he retired?

javy lopez shirtless - boston red sox

If he didn’t become a professional baseball player, two-time All Star and two-time World series champ Johnny Damon coulda been a model. Or an actor in a Tarzan movie. You agree, right? Maybe he can pursue either now that his playing days are winding down.

johnny damon - shirtless - baseball outfielder cleveland indians

Damn. How hot is retired Cuban baseballer Jose Canseco in the pic below? Jose’s last year in major league baseball is with the Chicago White Sox as far back as 2001.

jose canseco shirtless baseballer

Another shirtless retiree is Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett. He won tons of awards that are too many to mention so its no surprise that he was elevated to the Hall of Fame after only one year after he became eligible. Sadly, he died in 2006 following a massive hemorrhagic stroke.

kirby puckett - shirtless baseballer - vintage - minnesota twins mlb

Awww. How cute is three-time All Star Lenny Dykstra in the pic below?

Lenny Dykstra shirtless baseballer - center fielder - phillies

So is your favorite baseballer included in this list of hot baseball players?