Hot Bartenders: Male Edition

Hot Bartenders Male Edition. In the past, we’ve given you some hot lawyers, hot teachers, and hot doctors. Now, let’s check out some hot bartenders — whether IRL bartender guys or make believe bartenders on the big or small screen. Let’s start with this cutie pie from a service company called Waiters in Boxers. According to the Business News Daily, the company was founded “as a way to let women experience things that guys have had for years thanks to chains like Hooters”.

hot bartenders - waiters in boxers

The next guy is from Cosmo Magazine’s Hot Bartenders list from back in 2009. Does this dude remind you of William Levy? He kinda looks like him, no?

hot bartenders - cosmo 2009

Our next hot bartender is the Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band.

hot bartenders - dave matthews has the info about Dave’s bartending gig:

Before selling 30 million records, Dave Matthews was a bartender at Miller’s, a Charlottesville, Va., dive bar. While working at the establishment in 1990, Matthews befriended lawyer Ross Hoffman, who encouraged him to start writing more songs and playing with local musicians. (Hoffman also became the band’s first manager.) Twenty years later, the Dave Matthews Band is still performing, and Miller’s has become a destination for the group’s super-fans.

Another bartender-turned-celebrity is Bruce Willis who worked at New York nightclubs Chelsea Central and Kamikaze. Check him out:

hot bartenders - bruce willis

He looks like a natural, huh?

Other famous celebrities who did bartending jobs before they became famous are: Jon Stewart (at famed New Jersey punk venue City Gardens), Bill Cosby (while studying at Temple University), and Alec Baldwin (at Studio 54 in New York). If you know of more former bartenders who are now famous, please tell in the comments.

But let’s go back to non-celebrity hot bartenders, shall we? Here’s one we grabbed from His name is Nelson Ray and he works — or used to work — at the Pidgin/The Portside Pub in Vancouver. He was listed by Hush Magazine as one of “Vancouver’s Five Sexiest Bartenders” in 2014.

hot bartenders vancouver - nelson ray - pidgin or the portside pub

Now, if there’s a bartender we’d like to bring home to mama, it would be Zach Bauer of Monks bar in Missoula.

hot male bartenders in missoula - zach bauer - monks

In 2015, Zack was voted by listeners of as one of Top 10 Hottest Male Bartenders in Missoula. He sure is a cutie pie, ain’t he?

Now, let’s end this post with a the guy who inspired us to make us this list of hot bartenders — Sharone Hakman. Sharone was a contestant on Gordon Ramsey’s MasterChef and, more recently, “co-hosted” Khloe Kardashian’s now-cancelled talk show, Kocktails With Khloe.

hot bartenders 2016 - sharone hakman

So that’s it for now, Famewatchers.

Hot Bartenders: Male Edition posted 24 April 2016. Updated 24 April 2017.