Holger Rune Shirtless, Girlfriend, Titles, Sponsors

Holger Rune Shirtless, Girlfriend, Titles, Sponsors. If you are looking for an imaginary tennis boyfriend, you cannot go wrong if you pick Danish tennis hunk Holger Rune. He’s hawt, hawt, hawt as Danish men tend to be. He’s got a great smile. He’s tall at 6’2″. As the current #4 in the world, he is at the top of the ATP men’s tennis rankings. And, if you care about money, he’s now a millionaire at only 20 years old. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

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Unfortunately for you, it seems like our Holger actually has a girlfriend at the moment. That is, if you believe internet reports that he is dating a girl named Caroline Donzella who was at his box when he was playing in Wimbledon last June. That’s her at the middle in the next photo below. The one on the left is Allegra Marchisio and the one on the right is Holger’s mother who, if he is indeed dating Caroline, presumably approves of this relationship. Want more Hot Danish Men?

Holger Rune girlfriend - Caroline Donzella middle and Allegra Marchisio

But before we go proclaiming that Holger and Caroline are an item, here’s what he said about the girls in his Wimbledon spectator box in an interview with Extra Bladet: “They are two of my friends from Monaco whom I have known for a while. They also saw me during the Monaco tournament, so it’s great to be able to get support here as well. We just do what normal friends do. We go out to eat once in a while and relax. We just use the time to disconnect our heads.”

Does this mean you still have a chance? Haha. We do not know but here’s our tennis hunk as a male model on the pages of GQ Magazine.

holger rune gay or straight

holger rune hot gq magazine

Holger Rune Sponsorship Deals. Considering that he’s a young good-looking top-ranked tennis player, we ain’t surprised at all that our Holger has inked sponsorship deals with the sports apparel and shoe giant Nike, the French racquet company Babolat, high-end Danish jewelry brand Shamballa Jewels, the Danish energy drink STATE Drinks, and PurePower which is a Danish nutrition company.

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Holger Rune Titles and Prize Money. He’s already banked almost six million dollahs in prize money. Specifically, according to wikipedia, the prize total he received for playing tennis amounts to US$5,903,377. Pretty cool, eh?

Holger Rune sponsors

As for his titles, he still have to bring home a major but we think this is just a matter of WHEN and not a matter of IF. This year, he made it to the fourth round in the Australian Open and is a quarterfinalist in both the Frech Open and Wimbledon.

Holger Rune titles paris masters beating djokovic

To date, he’s got a total of four tennis title including last year’s Paris Masters where he beat Novak Djokovic in the finals. His other titles come from the Stockholm Open and the Bavarian Open where he won two times.

Holger Rune Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Here are some shirtless pics of Holger. The first two are screencaps from a video where he and Stefanos Tsitsipas go for an ice bath in their underwear and which was shared by Stefanos on social media while the last two are from Holger’s Insta (follow him @holgerrune).

holger rune underwear ice bath3

holger rune underwear ice bath

holger rune underwear

holger rune shirtless

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