H&M Male Underwear Models: David Beckham, Jake Davies, Tyson Ballou

H&M Male Underwear Models: David Beckham, Jake Davies, Tyson Ballou. Huh. You are mistaken if you thought David Beckham’s days as a male underwear model are over. From Emporio Armani, he’s now modeling his own underwear line, the David Beckham Bodywear for H&M. By the way, reports have it that before he dropped his trousers for Armani, our Becks declined to model for Calvin Klein in the U.K. because he is too popular.

h and m male underwear models - david beckham bodywear - winter 2014

From etonline.com:

When Marc Jacobs interviewed Calvin Klein in the latest issue of Interview magazine, the denim mogul revealed that David Beckham’s camp turned down an offer to have the soccer stud star in his underwear campaign.

Why? Well, according to Klein, because Becks’ team claimed that he was “too popular” for the advertisements in his home country.

Apparently Beckham wasn’t quite as comfortable making the leap from the soccer pitch into the modeling world in front of his fellow Brits just yet.

Oddly enough, however, Beckham’s camp would’ve jumped onboard the campaign under one condition: that he only was in international campaigns and not in the U.K. version. “You can have him for the rest of the world, but you can’t have the UK because he’s too popular,” Klein said of the response he received from Beckham’s people.

Weird, no? But isn’t his very own popularity in the U.K. which makes him marketable as a model? Anyhoo, here’s more David modeling his own undies.

hm boxers and shirts - david beckham bodywear - winter 2014

David in David Beckham Bodywear longjohns/loungewear.

hm david beckham long johns and loungewear

If the British tabloid, The Sun, is to be believed a famous man who is now wearing David Beckham’s underwear line is no less than the leader or the free world himself, U.S. President Barack Obama. According to the tabloid, Beckham sent the Prez 50 pairs of tight-fitting boxers underwear. From the NY Daily News:

Soccer superstar David Beckham has sent the commander-in-chief 50 pairs of tight-fighting boxers from his underwear line, The Sun reported. Beckham gifted Obama with the box of skivvies after he learned that the president and First Lady Michelle were big fans of the H&M-carried line.

“David promised to send a box of his undies to the President – and Michelle has insisted that her husband wears them!” a source close to the White House told the newspaper.

Obama and Becks seem to be good pals.

Wouldn’t it be cool (or crazy) if, after his term ends in 2016, President Obama models David Beckham’s underwear? Hehe. Underwear model-turned-short-term-Senator Scott Brown will be in good company. [See Scott Brown as Shirtless Underwear Model.]

What will regular guys look like in Beckham’s Bodywear? The Sun has an answer for that. They got a regular joe to model Beckham’s boxer briefs and this is the result:

real men in models underwear

Not bad, eh? Anyhoo, Beckham’s H&M underwear line made us wonder whether there are other H&M male underwear models out there and we found a few like Jake Davies who modeled this boxer briefs from the H&M Men’s Underwear Collection.

h and m male models - Jake Davies - summer 2013 mens underwear collection

Tyson Ballou in H&M Swimwear for Men.

hm swimwear male model - Tyson Ballou - 2013 mens swimwear

And here’s Cuban hunk Juan Betancourt in H&M white briefs in this photo by Rainer Torrado.

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