Hisam Goueli Shirtless, Burlesque, Boyfriend, Big Brother Doctor

Hisam Goueli Shirtless, Burlesque, Boyfriend, Big Brother Doctor. Aside from Matt Klotz, another current Big Brother houseguest we are stanning is Muslim doctor Hisam Goueli. Admittedly, it is too early in the game to be stanning someone but how can you not stan a guy who wore a loincloth when he starred in a play called Bohemia. Check him out below as the character Mucha/Malabron:

Hisam Goueli shirtless loincloth in bohemia

Since we are not familiar with the play at all, here’s some info about it from seattlegayscene:

“The story centers around famous Bohemian composer Antonín Dvorák who has hit a wall prior to composing his magnum opus. In a move of desperation he turns to a bottle of absinthe for inspiration. In this macabre and mystical dream cabaret, Dvorák is visited by the ghost of late composer Frédéric Chopin and a host of green fairies. Chopin and many other famous Bohemians guide Dvorák as they search for the true source of inspiration and grasp at artistic immortality.”

We wish we could find other similar photos of our good doctor but, at this time, this is the only one we came across on the internets. Oh wait, here’s another shirtless pic.

Hisam Goueli hot shirtless big brother houseguest

From the looks of it, it seems like he is dancing on stage a-la Magic Mike or maybe he’s just showing off his hairy chest? Yay! As some of you know, we love us some hairy chest here at Famewatcher.

Another interesting fact about our zaddy Big Brother houseguest is that he ran for a Seattle city council seat in 2017. We can’t find any information on how the election went but, if we’re gonna guess, we are gonna say that he didn’t make it. Otherwise, him being a city council member would be mentioned on his Big Brother bio, no?

Hisam Goueli gay big brother houseguest2

Hisam Goueli Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend. He is a proud member of the LGBT community. As for his current relationship status, we’re afraid we do not have the information at this time but we will update this post once we do have the info.

Update: Apparently, apart from being an accomplished doctor, Hisam is also a burlesque performer. There should be more photos of him doing his burlesque routine, no? We’ll update this post to add such pics if ever we come across them.

Update to the update: Photos of Hisam as an angel wearing white boxer briefs underwear. Yay! We stan him even more!

Hisam Goueli burlesque

Hisam Goueli underwear on the wings of an angel2

Hisam Goueli underwear on the wings of an angel

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