Hillary Clinton Watch Collection: Chanel J12 Ladies Watch & Rolex

Hillary Clinton Watch: Chanel and Rolex. Look who’s wearing a Chanel J12 watch? It’s U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Naturally this gives rise to a pop-culture question that goes, “What do Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Clinton have in common?” The Answer: The two ladies wear Chanel J12 watches.

hillary clinton watch chanel j12

Want another pop-culture quiz? Okay, “What differentiates Hillary from Cuban leader Fidel Castro?” Ummm, practically everything! But since we are talking about watches, Hillary is a Chanel girl while Fidel is a badass for Rolex watches. See Fidel Castro’s Rolex watches as well as these World Leaders Who Wear Rolex.

UPDATE: Turns out that Hillary also wears Rolex. So we were wrong in saying that she’s a Chanel Girl while Castro is a Rolex dude. Check out her Rolex watch below and the imaginary quote we thought she’s saying about her watch.

Hillary Clinton’s Rolex Watch

hillary clinton watch rolex

Imaginary quote from Hillary Clinton: “Hello, I’m Hillary Clinton. I’m the U.S. Secretary of State. Don’t call me the wife of Bill Clinton. I am much more than that. But you can Bill Clinton as the husband of the the Secretary of State. Hah! I wear a Rolex as you can see in this picture. I’m the most powerful woman in the world because I can kick the asses of those rogue nations if I want to. Do you like my watch? Do you like my daughter Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress? Argh. Why am I saying these things?”

End of imaginary quote. Hehehe.



Dancing Hillary Clinton – Video (August 8, 2009). Barack Obama did the booty bump during his inauguration. Now it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn to regale us with her “dancing” skills. Fast forward to the 26-second mark. There should be a political edition for Dancing With the Stars, eh?

Who do you think is the better dancer, Barack or Hillary? We think Barack wins a dancing contest between these two. It will be a toss-up if the contest is between Barack and Bill Clinton. Update: Sorry, video was deleted at source.

Hillary Clinton Watch Collection: Chanel J12 Ladies Watch and Rolex. Posted 4 August 2010.