Highest Paid Singers & Comedians: Madonna & Seinfeld Top The List

Highest Paid Singers & Comedians: Madonna & Seinfeld Top The List. Madonna may look silly with her youth obsession but you gotta give props to the Material girl for her ability to make millions. This year, she is ranked by Forbes Magazine as the top earning musician as she reportedly made US$110 million from her “Sticky & Sweet Tour,” concert tour and from her 11th studio album, Hard Candy.

Here’s the rest of the Top Twelve highest earning singer/musician list for the period spanning from June 2008 to June 2009:
1. Madonna: $110 million
2. Celine Dion: $100 million
3. Beyonce Knowles: $87 million
4. Bruce Springsteen: $70 million
5. Kenny Chesney: $65 million
6-8. Rascal Flatts: $60 million
6-8. Coldplay: $60 million
6-8. AC/DC: $60 million
9. Eagles: $55 million
10. Toby Keith: $52 million
11. Bon Jovi: $50 million
12. Dave Matthews Band: $45 million

Wow. We’re so glad to see the Eagles, a band we’ve enjoyed listening to since the early 90s, in that list. Good for you, oldies. By the way, this list made use wonder about where American Idol alumni winners stand in the scheme of things. Do you think some of them have a chance of cracking the top 12? Or will more established singers like Madonna and Bon Jovi continue to rule?

World’s Highest Paid Comedian? It’s Jerry Seinfeld (16 July 2009). Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the highest paid comedian of them all? Well, if Forbes Magazine is a good mirror, then the highest paid comedian would be …….. Jerry Seinfeld. Yup guys, apparently, the semi-retired comic is making more money than his pals who are busting their asses doing gigs and stuff.

Jerry made an estimated income of $85 million between June 1, 2008, and June 1, 2009 from syndication rights of his sitcom, Seinfeld, as well as from doing stand-ups.

The other top-earning comedians? Here’s the Top Ten list and their estimated earnings from June 1, 2008 to June 1 2009:
1) Jerry Seinfeld: $85 million
2) Chris Rock: $42 million
3) Jeff Dunham: $30 million
4-5) Dane Cook, (tie): $20 million
4-5) George Lopez, (tie): $20 million
6) Howie Mandel: $15 million
7) Larry the Cable Guy: $13 million
8) Jeff Foxworthy: $11 million
9-10) Terry Fator, (tie): $10 million
9-10) Russell Peters, (tie): $10 million

We must say that we’re very happy for Terry Fator because we watched him audition on America’s Got Talent where he had his biggest break. We hope he continues to be humble even if he’s now making millions. Anyways, Forbes must have a very limited definition of what a “comedian” is because we don’t see the names of TV hosts like David Letterman, Jay Leno, and our favorite Craig Ferguson (he must have made more than $10m, no?) as well as actor-comedians like, say, Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell who had some comedy hits during the period covered.

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