Highest Paid Formula One Drivers Go Shirtless

Highest Paid Formula One Drivers Go Shirtless. (Posted 1 November 2014). More than a year ago we asked and answered the question, How Tall Are Formula One Drivers. This year, let’s check out how much the highest paid Formula One drivers are making in 2014 according to therichest.com (on 28 January 2014).

This being Famewatcher, let us also publish the shirtless photos of the Ten Highest Earning Formula One Drivers (according to therichest.com). Oh wait, if we can’t find a shirtless pic, we will publish their WAG or significant other instead. We begin with #10:

10. Romain Grosjean – Lotus – €1.5M ($2.04M USD). From Switzerland. 28 years old. WAG Status: Married to Marion Jolles since 2012. This is the closest thing to a Romain Grosjean shirtless pic we found on the internets. Hehe. It’s actually from his Instagram account (follow him @grosjeanromain).

romain grosjean shirtless

9. Sergio Perez – Force India – €2M ($2.71M USD). From Mexico. 24 years old. WAG Status: He’s dating a girl named Andrea Campillo Vivanco according to famousfix.com. Here’s a photo of the couple:

sergio perez girlfriend 2014 - andrea campillo vivanco

8. Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull – €2.5M ($3.39M USD). From Australia. 25 years old. WAG Status: Dating girlfriend Jemma Boskovich. Here’s a shirtless Daniel Ricciardo:


7. Felipe Massa – Williams – €4M ($5.43M USD). From Brazil. 33 years old. WAG Status: Married to wife Anna Raffaela Bassi since 2007. Felipe with wife Anna and son Felipinho:


6. Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari – €10M ($13.57M USD). From Finland. 35 years old. WAG Status: Dating Minttu Virtanen since 2013. Aww. How cute is Kimi in this photo:

kimi raikkonnen shirtless

5. Nico Rosberg – Mercedes – €11M ($14.93M USD). From Germany. 29 years old. WAG Status: Married Vivian Sibold in 2014. Here’s a shirtless Nico buttoning his pants:

nico rosberg shirtless sexy

4. Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull – €16M ($21.71M USD). From Germany. 27 years old. WAG Status: In relationship with long-time girlfriend Hanna Prater. We already published a shirtless pic of Sebastian which you can check in the following: Sebastian Vettel Shirtless.

3. Jenson Button – McLaren – €16M ($21.71M USD). From the United Kingdom. 34 years old. WAG Status: Engaged to model Jessica Michibata, he proposed in February 2014.

jenson button shirtless

2. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – €20M ($27.14M USD). From the United Kingdom. 29 years old. WAG Status: On-again and off-again with singer Nicole Scherzinger. They’re on as of October 2014 according to wikipedia.

lewis hamilton shirtless

1. Fernando Alonso – Ferrari – €20M ($27.14M USD). From Spain. 33 years old. WAG Status: Dating Russian model Dasha Kapustina. Here’s a pic of Fernando and Dasha during a vacation trip to Majorca:

Dasha Kapustina - Fernando Alonso girlfriend

So who of the above Formula One millionaires looks best shirtless? Sound out in the comments.

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