Hide Your Beer Belly With 2xist Form Body Shaper

Hide Your Beer Belly With 2xist Form Body Shaper (updated from 22 August 2010). Want to hide your beer belly? These body shaping underwear from 2xist will help you do that. But, as we’ve said in the past, you’re much better off getting rid of your beer belly.

hide your beer belly 2xist

Hiding them is a temporary solution to improve the way you look but getting rid of them through proper diet and regular exercise is going to make you healthier and feel better about yourself.

Of course, if you really need to hide your belly ASAP, then the easiest (and perhaps the least conspicuous) way of concealing your beer gut is through these 2xist Form Body Shaper.

2xist Form Body Shaper Featured on Lady Gaga’s Alejandro (23 December 2010). Look who’s “co-starring” with Lady Gaga in her 2010 American Idol performance? It’s them freakin’ belly-hidin’, midsection-slenderizing 2xist FORM trunks we once talked about in our earlier post, Hide Your Belly With 2xist Body Shaper. That’s some kind of a coup for them 2xist underwear people, no? It’s a lot of free advertising watched by 20-25 million people.

Men’s Girdles: Body Slimming Fashion Wear – 2xist FORM Shapewear (20 January 2011). What is male model Jeff Walters doing in his 2xist FORM Shapewear? Looks like he’s doing some stretching exercise but we’re not 100% sure. Maybe he’s training to be a ballet dancer?

We really don’t know how ballet dancers train but we’re assuming they do this stretching thingie which Jeff is doing.

Whatever it is he is doing, it’s interesting to see that this body shaper does not seem to restrict his movement as he can stretch and bend and harden his muscles.

Now come to think of it, maybe that’s precisely the point. Maybe Jeff is telling us that the 2xist Shapewear isn’t like the hard girdles in the past which restricts one’s movements. Obviously, this item is elastic and you can bend and stretch and dance and do anything even when you are wearing it.

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