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Henry Golding Shirtless and Underwear Photos Part II. Since we first blogged about him three years ago, Henry has gone on to establish an acting career in Hollywood.

To date, he has 7 acting credits to his name on IMDB which is pretty cool considering that he only started acting in Crazy Rich Asians.

One of his upcoming projects which every Henry Golding fan should be looking forward to is Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins where he plays the lead role and titular character. Oh, you should also check out the movie Monsoon where he plays a gay British Vietnamese man visiting Vietnam for the first time.

henry golding gay or straight

You want more Henry shirtlessness, don’t you?

henry golding shirtless abs

henry golding shirtless body instagram

henry golding shirtless crazy rich asians

henry golding shirtless hunk

Henry Golding Underwear Preference. Apparently, he is a boxer briefs kind of guy as we see him wearing one when he got a tattoo on his leg.

henry golding underwear tattoo

henry golding underwear boxer briefs

He’s also in boxer briefs in the photo below.

henry golding underwear

Henry Golding Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Shirtless Photos: Asian Hollywood Leading Man (10 November 2017). Today in hot Asian men, we bring you Henry Golding, a Malaysian-British actor/TV host who is on his way to becoming the rarest of gems — an Asian Hollywood leading man.

You can’t think of an Asian Hollywood leading man, can’t you? Well, we can only think of John Cho in the defunct show Selfie and Vincent Rodriguez in Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

henry golding Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor 2009 Winner

Anyhoo, Henry is starring in the movie version of the book Crazy Rich Asians which Deena and yours truly are so looking forward to watching in the theater. Unfortunately for us, it will only come out in the latter half of 2018. Bummer, no? But here’s a photo of Henry and leading lady Constance Wu on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. If this ain’t a proof that Henry has arrived, then we don’t know what that proof is.

henry golding entertainment weekly cover

Henry Golding Ethnicity. He is part British (through his dad) and part Malaysian (through his mom). His mom is actually from the Iban people in Sarawak. Here are photos of Henry with his mom and dad.

henry golding parents father and mother

Henry Golding Gay or Straight? He is straight. But girls, sorry for you because our Asian hunk is very much married. He tied the knot last year with model/TV presenter Liv Lo. Here’s the couple during their wedding in August 2016.

Henry Golding wife girlfriend Liv Lo

Henry Golding Shirtless Photos. You know that we are mostly about shirtlessness here in Famewatcher so we won’t disappoint you by not publishing these photos of Henry looking gorgeous with his shirt off.

henry golding shirtless underwear gay or straight

Shooting for one of his TV shows in Malaysia:

henry golding shirt off

Henry Golding working out.

henry golding shirtless working out

Apparently, before our Asian hunk decided to enter the biz, he first trained as a hairstylist in London. So it’s safe to bet that his hair game will always be on-point.

henry golding hairstylist

Let us end this post with this photo of Henry encouraging girls to get checked for breast cancer.

Henry Golding shirtless breast cancer cleo

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