Heidi Klum Maternity Clothes: Her Own and Paulina Pregnancy Dress

Heidi Klum Maternity Clothes: Her Own and Paulina Pregnancy Dress (7 January 2010). Today in celebrity maternity wear, we bring you these maternity dresses by German supermodel Heidi Klum. She will reportedly launch her very own maternity line this coming February.

heidi klum maternity dress

How much would it cost you to wear a Heidi Klum maternity dress?

heidi klum maternity clothes

Here’s some money figures from people.com: “A slinky black maxidress, $128, worthy of a red carpet arrival! Loved will offer 14 affordable items made for comfort. Pieces include a loose-fitting floral print top, $40, and blue button-down tunic, $30.”

So is the price of Heidi Klum maternity outfits affordable?

Not according to commenter budgetmom who had this to say on people.com: “Even though my household earns a crazy amount of money, I still wouldn’t spend $40 on a maternity top! It is so frustrating shopping for ‘affordable’ clothes you don’t wear that often. And when you’re pregnant and just sitting at home, you’re not wearing nicer clothes. You’re probably in sweats.”

Budgetmom adds: “Old Navy had really affordable maternity clothes, but unfortunately weren’t made for women who were skinny and pregnant.”

Do you agree with budget mom? Or is she just shilling for Old Navy? Hehe. Anyhoo, if you want more maternity outfits? You might want to go check out our post on Short Maternity Dresses.

Heidi Klum Maternity Dress: Someone Like You by Paulina. Want more celebrity maternity clothes? Check out this maxi-dress worn by the divine Heidi Klum during one of her pregnancies. It’s a Someone Like You dress by Paulina.

Some details about the dress: “Hip maxi dress made of a high quality, super soft viscose jersey quality. The dress is smocked below the bodice and is closed with a tie at the back for a perfect fit. Material: 92% viscose, 8% spandex.”

A closer look at this dress.

Pregnancy Dress: Heidi Klum, Supermodel (23 September 2009). For us, the most interesting part while we were watching last Sunday’s Emmy Red Carpet parade was Heidi Klum’s pregnancy dress. Who says you can’t look chic when you’re pregnant? Not the supermodel herself, Heidi Klum. Maybe this will challenge fashion designers to come up with stylish maternity clothes. But then again, when you are pregrant, the last thing you’d worry about would be what you wear, right?


What say you, bitter old septuagenarian and Heidi Klum-hater Wolfgang Joop?

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