Harvey Leigh Cantwell aka HRVY Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Harvey Leigh Cantwell aka HRVY Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. He has proven that he has the goods when it comes to singing as well as TV presenting but does Harvey Leigh Cantwell aka HRVY have what it takes to dance the tango?

Well, we will know about a month from now when Strictly Come Dancing premieres for its 18th season.

Bookmakers are giving him pretty good odds though. Currently, he is ranked as the third most likely to win by Paddy Power while BoyleSports has him in the upper half (5th among 12 contestants).

Whether the 21-year-old singer will prove the oddsmakers correct remains to be seen but, at this time, the odds are very much in his favor.

Harvey Leigh Cantwell strictly come dancing

Speaking to KISS FM about his inclusion as a contestant on one of the most-watched British reality shows, HRVY revealed how excited he was: “I’m so excited. I’m well nervous though, I won’t lie. I’m proper nervous but I’m buzzing. I don’t think it’s the dancing; I think it’s like the tight shirts and the tight trousers and that, I’m not too sure. But I’m excited to be on the telly, I’m excited for my mum and nan to watch, they’re buzzing, they’re just as excited as I am.”

Oh, Harvey Leigh Cantwell aka HRVY, we are so with you about dancers in tight shirts and the tight trousers.

Harvey Leigh Cantwell gay or girlfriend

Harvey Leigh Cantwell hot cute

HRVY Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We know that tons of Famewatchers are fans of shirtless celebs so here are photos of the singer going for the shirt-free look. We grabbed these images from his Instagram which you might want to follow @hrvy.

hrvy shirtless body

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hrvy underwear selfie

Harvey Leigh Cantwell shirtless

Harvey Leigh Cantwell underwear

Harley Leigh Cantwell Gay or Straight? Boyfriend or Girlfriend? We have no information that would answer these questions but we will update this post when we do have the relevant info.

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