Harry Van Vliet Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend

Harry Van Vliet Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend. Aside from Adam Kodra, another newbie who’s just joined the Below Deck reality TV universe. Unlike Adam, our Harry did not annoy our favorite podcasters we told you about which is why we are making him our imaginary beau. He’s good looking and not annoying, what’s not to like?

Harry Van Vliet below deck hot hunk

As you may have guessed given his family name, our Harry is from the Netherlands aka the land of Dutch hotties. You know what they say about Dutch men? Well, we do not really know what they say about Dutch men but we do know that they tend to be tall and, unlike Americans, they ain’t shy about wearing skimpy Speedos. Hehe. [Update: Oops, we stand corrected, Harry isn’t actually from the Netherlands. Instead he’s a good ole Aussie boy.]

True enough, we came across this photo of our Harry rocking a pair of Speedos on his Instagram (follow him @harry_van_vliet).

Harry Van Vliet underwear speedo

Harry Van Vliet Gay or Straight? He is straight and, during a recent episode of Below Deck, he went kissy-kissy and flirty-flirty with cast mate Margot Sisson.

Harry Van Vliet gay or girlfriend

How did he get into the yachting business? Well, he tells us during a recent episode: “My brother owns a syndicate yacht company. That’s who I work for in Sydney. We get to see these amazing places and party while working at the same time. I dive every week.”

He adds: “We’re in Cairns, were on the Great Barrier Reef on an explorer yacht. Like, this is the dream job for me. I was shown adventure at a very young age growing up, I never did soccer or football. I did sailing, scouts, surfing. My goal in yachting is to be the captain of a boat that goes places, an adventure boat. I’ve got it all planned out.”

Harry Van Vliet shirtless

Harry Van Vliet below deck shirtless

Harry Van Vliet body

Harry Van Vliet hot dutch boy

More about Harry from his bravo.com profile:

: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Birthdate: April 1
Zodiac sign: Aries
Years of experience in yachting: 3
Favorite off-boat activities: Scuba diving, surfing, wakeboarding, camping … anything outdoors
Special skills: I’m able to be friends with everyone. It comes in handy.
Who do you miss most from home when you’re traveling for work? My mates and good pub feed (dinner)
What was your first impression of the Northern Sun? I loved it. It’s an adventure boat. The guests were here to see the Great Barrier Reef and Australia. That’s an adventure!
Favorite place you’ve been on charter/ place you traveled? Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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