Harry Treadaway Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos

Harry Treadaway Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos. Who’s this smokin’ hot guy with an intense gaze who’s casually rocking them leather jacket? He must be a model, no? He sure is smizing with his eyes which would make Mama Tyra proud.

harry treadaway smoking hot leather jacket

Well, fellow Famewatcher, the guy is not a model although he may have posed for some modeling shoots like the photo above. The dude is British actor Harry Treadaway. If you watched The Crown, you would have seen him “dancing” in his Speedo behind Helena Bonham Carter who was lazily floating in the swimming pool.

harry treadaway speedo the crown

Yay for dudes dancing in their briefs-style Speedo swimsuits! Anyhoo, Harry is starring in Star Trek Picard one of the buzziest television shows which premiered this month. He is playing the role of Narek, a Romulan from a wealthy family with a sad story.

harry treadaway star trek narek

Harry Treadaway Shirtless and Underwear Photos. As usual, this section is for the THOTs among us who are looking for some shirtless Harry photos.

harry treadaway shirtless

We also have a photo of him in briefs underwear from Over There, a one-act play by Mark Ravenhill about two brothers who were separated by the Berlin Wall and their life together when the wall fell and they reunited. Here’s Harry with real-life twin brother Luke Treadaway in one of the scenes of the show.

harry treadaway underwear briefs - over there - play

Not exactly a shirtless photo but here’s an interesting pic of our Harry from a photoshoot by Tim Walker for Love Magazine. We do not know what is happening here, why he is wearing a headpiece for instance, but we are loving his denim on denim look.

harry treadaway shirtless peekabo underwear

Is Harry Treadaway Gay or Straight? Dating Status? He is straight and he is dating actress Holliday Grainger. Here’s a photo of the lovely couple at the 2015 BAFTA Awards.

harry treadaway girlfriend holliday grainger - 2015 bafta awards

For those of you looking for a younger version of Harry Treadaway. He’s really cute, ain’t he?

harry treadaway hot

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