Harry Shum Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Fashion Style

Harry Shum Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Fashion Style. We’ve blogged about Harry’s fashion choices in the past — from his shoes, to his fab jackets, to his distressed Superdry leather but, for some reason, we have not blogged about his sculpted washboard abs.

Well, it’s better late than never as they say. And, actually, our oversight is actually a blessing in disguise because some of the photos we are including in this update are more recent and we would not have included them, say, eight years ago.

Anyhoo, here are some Harry Shum shirtless photos for the hos among us who are fans of shirtless and hunky celebrities:

harry shum shirtless in jeans

harry shum shirtless body

harry shum body hot shirtless abs

Harry Shum Underwear. We do not know (yet) whether the hunky actor wears boxers or briefs but we do know that he likes him his long johns. He wore long johns in this GQ Magazine photo.

harry shum underwear gq magazine

And he was also wearing another pair in this screencap from Glee’s underwear episode. Want more men in long underwear?

harry shum underwear - long johns

Harry Shum is Bi in Shadowhunters. Did you know that Harry played a bisexual warlock on the TV show Shadowhunters? Too bad the show ended after three seasons but he was, apparently, in a relationship with the role played by Matthew Daddario. Obviously, we have some TV show to catch up on. Haha.

harry shum gay with matthew daddario

Harry Shum Wife? He may have played an LGBT character on TV but Harry is straight in real life. In 2015, he tied the knot with then longtime girlfriend Shelby Rabara. The couple are blessed with a little girl named Xia. Here’s a photo of Harry and Shelby at the Golden Globes:

harry shum wife Shelby Rabara wedding


Harry Shum Glee Jackets (30 October 2010). This section is for those of you who are fans of Mike Chang’s outfits on the TV series Glee. First up, check out his windbreaker from Heritage 1981’s University collection.

Heritage 1981 Colorblock Jacket. What do you think of this Heritage 1981 Colorblock Athletic Jacket? You think its pretty cool and fab, eh? Well, you are not alone in thinking that way because Mike Chang also thinks so. He wouldn’t be wearing it in this scene if he doesn’t think its cool, no?

Nike Arsenal Jacket. Of course we’re not done yet blogging about Glee stud Harry Shum Jr. Check out his Nike Arsenal full zip jacket in the screencap below.

WESC Stash Block Drip Hooded Jacket. Harry Shum Jr. sure is rocking his WESC Stash Block Drip Hooded Jacket, no?

Harry Shum Jr’s Shoes: Massimo Sneakers (25 September 2010). Look who’s wearing a pair of the fabulous Creative Recreation Massino Low Top Sneakers. Why, it’s that Asian hunk in Glee, Harry Shum Jr. You know, the one who can give The Situation a run for his abs money.

harry shum shoes creative recreation

Vans Classic Slip On Sneakers. What do Glee stud Harry Shum Jr. and Demi’s stud Ashton Kutcher have in common? Apparently, these two guys both love them their Vans Classic Slip On Sneakers. It’s not surprising that celebrities are loving the Vans Classic Slip On Sneakers because, as we mentioned earlier, this shoes is comfortable and easy to wear. And when it comes to men’s shoes, isn’t comfort and wearability all that matters?

harry shum shoes vans classic slip on

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