Nymphadora Tonks Go Skinny Dipping and Other Harry Potter Scandals

Nymphadora Tonks Go Skinny Dipping and Other Harry Potter Scandals. We give props to Natalia Tena for living up to the quirkiness of her Harry Potter character, Nymphadora Tonks. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Natalia “left fellow revellers spellbound when she stripped off her clothes and plunged into a lake” during the Secret Garden Music Festival.

How cool is that? Says a source: ‘Natalia was paddling in the lake completely naked. Lots of people were swimming, but most of them had bikinis or shorts on. People were pointing at her because they recognised her from the Harry Potter films, but she didn’t seem to care.’

Of course she shouldn’t care. It’s not as if her Harry Potter contract prevents her from going skinny dipping.


Harry Potter’s Jamie Waylett: Arrested for Weed (posted 08 April 2009). Look who’s been arrested for planting weed in his home garden? It’s Harry Potter actor Jamie Waylett aka Vincent Crabbe in the Potter movies. Police claim that Jamie has a weed garden at home and that they discovered 8 bags of weed in a car he was riding.

Josh Herdman Smoking Marijuana: Harry Potter Pothead? (posted 18 August 2009). Harry Potter pothead? These words, coined by The Sun to refer to Josh Herdman, are kind of harsh but they’re kind of appropriate too. According to The Sun, Josh was snapped smoking marijuana in Amsterdam (photo via The Sun). Cannabis is legal in The Netherlands so let’s not get our panties in a bunch demanding that he be punished or something.

Josh plays Draco Malfoy’s right hand bully, Gregory Goyle, in the Harry Potter series.

Daily Mirror: Daniel Radcliffe Pothead? (posted 14 November 2009). The Daily Mirror is calling Daniel Radcliffe “Harry Potter pothead” because he was allegedly photographed smoking marijuana. Really, Daily Mirror, is that true? Or are you just making up shit?

Says Daniel’s spokesperson on the allegation: ‘Daniel does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette, but he was not doing anything more than this. We are considering our position and will be taking all necessary action in relation to such allegations.’

We say, sue them Mirror guys. We don’t want anyone besmirching the name of our Daniel.

Probably the biggest Harry Potter scandal is how the books are being presented as a romance novel in the movies.

Half-Blood Prince Review: Too Romantic & Underwhelming?
12 March 2009

A test audience who reportedly saw an early screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which will be on cinemas in July are crying bloody murder. Well, not really. But they’re reportedly underwhelmed and disappointed with the film’s focus on romance.

Reports the Dailymail: “The problem with all of this romance is All of This Romance. It dominates the movie, drawing our focus away not only from major plot points – which fall disastrously through the cracks – but also deters the mood,’ wrote one anonymous reviewer on a movie blog.”

More: “Another reviewer complained about the missing scenes. In the book, Harry has a series of memories that help him fight his enemy Voldemort, but these have been cut to just three in the film. ‘Why is it that the filmmakers decided it was more important to focus on teenage love rather than what are inarguably critical plot points?’ ranted the reviewer.”

Uh. Uh. The buzz is definitely not good. And unless the producers fix the movie with a wave of their wand, they run the risk of really disappointing Harry Potter fans.