Harrison Gilbertson Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Style Watch

Harrison Gilbertson Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Style Watch. You want us to blog more about Hot Australian Men? Well, we gotta say you ain’t the only one who want us to do that. Specifically, our niece Sheila is all about Aussie guys these days although she is, to quote her words, “more about the young ones rather than Joshua Sasse.”

When we heard her shady comment, we went like, “Silly girl, what are you talking about. Joshua is only 32 years old! He is still young!”

To be fair to our niece, she just turned 19 two months ago and to her and her pals, people in their 30s are members of the “oldsters”. But, for the record, Joshua is only slightly older than Harrison Gilbertson (26 years old) that Sheila is crushing on after she saw him and his hat — apparently it’s called a top hat — on the TV show Picnic at Hanging Rock.

harrison gilbertson picnic at hanging rock

Harrison Gilbertson Shirtless Pics. Okay, Sheila, these photos are for you. We do not agree with that cigarette in his mouth but we know he’s doing it for a role so we are giving it a pass.

harrison gilbertson shirtless body as charlie boyd in mistress

For those of you wondering, the above pic and the next one below are from the 2014 movie My Mistress where our Harrison plays the role of Charlie Boyd who’s got a thing for his much older neighbor.

harrison gilbertson shirtless body as charlie boyd in mistress2

Harrison Style Watch. He sure is looking good in the Pepe Jeans jacket he’s wearing. Now, if we disagreed with his cigarette above, we gotta give him props for drinking Coke without a straw and from a glass bottle. Straw, which is totally unnecessary when you drink your soda, is really bad for the environment and marine animals like the turtle we all saw. Glass bottles, of course, are much better than plastic ones because they are re-usable.

harrison gilbertson style - pepe jeans jacket

Harrison relaxes on the couch with his impressive pair of boots which make us go, “Hmmm. What’s his shoe size?”

harrison gilbertson hot style

Harrison Gilbertson Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Relationship Status? These are Qs which we, at this time, do not have the answers for. But, as we usually do for you fellow Famewatchers, we will update this post once we do have the relevant information the the matter.

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