Harrison Ford Young Man in Speedo and Jeans: Vintage Hollywood

Harrison Ford Young Man in Speedo and Jeans: Vintage Hollywood. He is a hot zaddy now so we are totally not surprised that Harrison Ford was a total hottie back when he was younger.

It’s a very pleasant surprise though to come across these photos of a young Harrison wearing a pair of briefs-style Speedo swimsuit.

Obviously, these photos are from a time when Americans had less of an issue when it comes to wearing Speedos which is, sadly, not the case these days.

young harrison ford speedo bulge

Who wants to play football with a Speedo-clad Harrison? Well, get in the back because you have a very long queue ahead of you.

harrison ford young speedo hunk

Anyone has a clue on how these photos came about? We came across them on My New Plaid Pants but we have no info on the back story. Like, are these for a magazine? If so, what magazine? Or are these screencaps from a movie? They don’t look like they’re caps but what do we know.

harrison ford young speedo

Want more male celebrity Speedo?

harrison ford young smoking hot

Who wants to join a young Harrison in the bubbly pool? Again, go to the end of the line and wait for your turn.

harrison ford young shirtless body

We know he knows how to fly a plane — check him out on our list of hot celebrity pilots — but does he really know his way around the kitchen?

harrison ford sexy young man

What a stud!

harrison ford hot in jeans

harrison ford hot and young

Update: After some more internet digging, we have some but not the complete answer on how the young Harrison’s Speedo photos came about. A geocities website (thankfully archived on oocities.com) described the very first photo above where he is holding a cup as “a nice photo of Harrison Ford scanned from an US magazine article published in 1981.”

Unfortunately, we do not know the name of the magazine so we can’t track it further. Anyhoo, a year later in 1982, the actor gave us this amazing photo when he wore short shorts while attending the Cannes Film Festival.

Hot damn, Harrison! You da man!

young harrison ford short shorts - 1982 cannes film festival

Update II. Finally, we found out on an Italian site (iodonna.it) that Harrison’s Speedo photos (as well as the other ones except the one in short shorts) are from a 1981 People Magazine photoshoot at his home in Los Angeles. Yay, mystery solved!

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