Handsome Swiss Boys: Arthur Keller, Francois Schoder, Calendar Models

Handsome Swiss Boys. We recently came across these modeling photos of this Swiss hunk and realized that its high time for another installment of Swiss hot men. You agree, right? Of course you do.

handsome swiss boys - arthur keller

Anyhoo, the guy above is Arthur Keller. He’s with Premier Management London as well as Red Models New York, stands at 6’1.5″, and has the greenest eyes in the industry. Okay, were not really sure if this Swiss hottie has the greenest eyes in the modeling world but he does have green eyes. His other stats are as follows: Chest, 40; Waist, 32; Shoes, 8.5; and Hair, Light Brown. Want more of his modeling pics? Here you go!

handsome swiss boys - male model arthur keller

swiss male model arthur keller

Ain’t he hot? However, we know that three photos of the above pro male model won’t be enough for our friend Kevin so we’re adding some amateur male models to our list of handsome Swiss boys. Here’s a university student (sorry we don’t have a name for the guy) who appeared in the 2011 Uniboys Calendar courtesy of students.ch.

handsome swiss boys - university

Speaking of male calendars, here’s Mr. May (we’re presuming that Maggio means May) from the 2011 Men of the Alps Calendar.

handsome swiss boys - men of the alps calendar

And here’s Mr. October bringing us back to the time of the Garden of Eden. Or when men loved them their fresh fruits and walked the earth wearing nothing but their birthday suit. Who among you fellow Famewatchers would like to go back to that time when men were not ashamed if they are not wearing anything?

handsome swiss boys male models

The last cutie in our group of handsome Swiss boys posing for worthy causes is this hunk from Bauernkalendar 2011. Does he remind you of the hot male farmers we blogged about nearly three years ago?

handsome swiss boys bauernkalendar model

So aside from making incomparable watches and delicious chocolate, Switzerland also produces hawt men’s calendars, no?

Finally, let’s end this post with another professional Swiss male model, 26-year-old Fran├žois Schoder from Zurich Switzerland. Check him out looking cool with that snake around his neck.

francois schoder handsome swiss models

Snakes terrify us to death so props to Francois for not being scared like we would be. Haha. If you want more Swiss hunks, check out these Diego Barberi Underwear models.

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