Luke Cassidy American Male Model in Gym Shorts

Famewatchers, meet American male model and actor Luke Cassidy. He’s kinda cute, isn’t he? He’s got a nice warm smile that can easily melt the ice in the polar regions. He’s got great a washboard sixpack which rivals Aaron Schock’s abs. And he looks awesome in them tight sexy shorts which is so begging to be dropped by us. More…

Billy Crudup Watchmen Blue Balls Interview

billy crudup watchmen blue balls

Billy Crudup Watchmen Blue Balls. Look who’s talking about his blue balls? It’s Watchmen star Billy Crudup. Men who are having an existential crisis because they don’t have balls as big as Crudup’s will be glad to find out that his cock in the movie is CGI enhanced. Of course they can get jealous of Michael Biserta who’s got the real thing.

Mario Lopez Boyfriend? And His Shiny Leather Shoes

mario lopez boyfriend

MARIO LOPEZ BOYFRIEND. Mario Lopez and his boyfriend. Just joking. We actually don’t know who the guy is but they sure look kinda intimate. They’ve got smiley faces too. And lips that appear like they’re made for each other; they would fit really nicely, is what we’re saying.