Hair Loss Urine Therapy for Baldness: Effective or Not?

Hair Loss Urine Therapy Update. We are updating this post mainly to clarify that this therapy has not been scientifically proven to be an effective cure for hair loss or baldness. Any testimonies you hear from news reports, or friends, or the internets claiming that so-and-so or such-and-such effectively grew some hair because of this treatment method is simply anecdotal and is not a scientific proof that rinsing your head with urine will make your hair grow or prevent your hairline from receding.

hair loss urine therapy - the dortors

But at least this therapy does not cost you anything. Sure, maybe your crowning glory will smell weird but it will cost you nothing if you do try the hair loss urine therapy yourself. After all, if you’re gonna piss your “golden water” away, you might as well test if it works, right?

Hair Loss Urine Therapy for Baldness (posted 11 September 2009). Hair loss urine therapy, anyone? It turns out that boxing champ Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t the only one using his own urine for its supposed health/medicinal/miraculous effects? Some guys are reportedly using urine to prevent hair loss or to grow hair in them bald spots. That’s kinda desperate, no?

From “This is an excellent remedy for dandruff, lifeless hair and even baldness and hair loss. Massage urine briskly into the scalp, allow it to be absorbed for thirty minutes to an hour, and then wash it out with lukewarm water (do not use soap or shampoo). Hair becomes clean and lustrous. If you do not rinse out the urine, the effect is even more pow-erful. You can use both fresh and old urine for this. Your hair will, however, become more beauti-ful and vital. Those who apply urine therapy often do not turn grey but retain their original hair col-our at a later age. If intensively applied, hair might grow again on bald spots.”

Not sure this is something we will do but we won’t be surprised if others go into this kind of stuff. Who knows, maybe it will work? Not all of us can afford hair treatments like the successful Silvio Berlusconi hair transplant. And not all of us will look great when we have no hair covering our heads like footballer Kellen Winslow.

Boxer Juan Manuel Marquez Drinks Own Urine as Vitamin Supplement – Video (9 September 2009). Is boxing champ Juan Manuel Marquez really drinking his own urine in this video? Or is that actually some kind of beer? Marquez claims that urine has tons of vitamins in them so he drinks his own piss to not waste them.

hair loss urine therapy - juan manuel marquez

Kinda silly but you don’t argue with a guy who’s got numerous boxing titles.

ABS-CBN reports: “I think that this has helped me. I’ve done it for the last five or six fights with good results,” said Marquez as quoted by’s Ben Thompson. “I also drink my urine because that’s where a lot of proteins and vitamins are, part of your vitamin intake, and why not drink them again instead of wasting them.”

We wonder what Oscar de la Hoya will say about this.

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