Hair Loss and Hair Treatment for David Beckham?


Is David Beckham losing his hair? If these pictures are any indication, it looks like the King of the Bulge [see Beckham’s Famous Big Package] is going to be the King of the Bald. It might turn out to be a blessing in disguise though.

Why, you ask? Because jealous guys who can’t believe that Beckham has everything (big bulge, hot wife, and oodles and oodles of money) will more likely hate him less because, with a balding head, he might turn out to be human after all.


Anyhoo, if he does go bald, our Becks will still be in good company. Check out our posts on Bald Guys Are Hot to see Beckham’s prospective “colleagues” should he go bald.


Here’s what some of you fellow Famewatchers said about this topic:

Sparky says: hes not losing his hair! reporters konw nothing about hair loss, idiots!

Ingmar says: Because sex and masturbation lead, on top of blindness, to hairloss? ROTFL!

Brad says: Has anyone ever noticed that a good looking man with nice locks if hair that after they get hitched to a woman they seem to loose their hair . I am noticing this more often look at Brook Shields and Andre A the tennis player .I wouldnt trust my hair goods or towels that I dry my hair with after seeing this all the time. And it makes me sick to think that they dont think we love are hair too its sad,

Anonymous says: Many problems like eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis and infections lead to patches of hair loss with a red and crusty scalp.