Guys in Overalls: Celebrities and Models Rocking Their Bib Overalls

Guys in Overalls 2017 Update – Celebrity Edition. We know you want more guys in overalls so we are updating this post to bring you more. Check out these celebrity guys in overalls. Let us begin with Indian actor Karan Sing Grover who is looking good in his denim bib overall.

guys in overalls 2017 - karan singh grover

Next in our list of hot guys in overalls is the late Patrick Swayze. Please tell us we are not the only ones crying every time we watch him on Ghost.

guys in overalls - patrick swayze

Who says you can’t dance in your denim overalls? Certainly not Italian danseur Roberto Bolle!

guys in overalls - roberto bolle

Our favorite guys in overalls got to be America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) alum Dustin McNeer. Damn. We so are in love with him. Hehe.

guys in overalls 2017 - dustin mcneer


Guys in Overalls: Marco Blaze Rocks His Bib Overall (published 20 June 2010).

guys in overalls - marco blaze

Hey look, it’s a farmer dude in bib overalls. Ahyhoo, is this dude really a farmer and not some cool cowboy? Nah, we think he’s more of a pretend farmer or a pretend cowboy. Why else would he be dropping his overalls in the photos below? To show off his washboard abs, perhaps? Do real farmers and real cowboys spend time showing off their six-pack abs like this dude? Well, some of them, like these Swiss farmers, do.

guys in overalls - marco blaze3

For more guys in overalls, check out our post on Male Models in Overalls.


Guys in Overalls (published 21 February 2009). Ralph Woods is a denim overalls model? Well, it looks like he’s modeling the overall anyway. Isn’t he smoking hot? We would so love to strip that overall off him and do him. But he’s got to let go of them cigarettes though. It’s bad for his health and would give him cigarette-breath. That ain’t gonna be good for kissing.

guys in overalls - ralph woods

Want more men in overalls? Check out TV reality star Brody Jenner’s coverall (it’s a camo cover) and Ashton Kutcher in his denim bib overalls.

Update: Deena asked us to do an update on this Canadian guy because she’s interested in what our Ralphie (can we call him Ralphie?) is doing these days, well we’re gonna presume that he’s still making the kind of movies he is pretty good at. His last movie listed in his IMDB profile is way back in 2009 and its called The Private Life of Ralph Woods.

By the way, did you know that he’s just 5’7″ tall (1.70 m). He’s a lean mean effin machine that’s for sure. Good things do come in small packages. Hmm, did we just say that? Allow us to correct what we said okay? He may be a small man but his package is certainly not small.